EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Slater devastated as she is told she faces six months in prison

STACEY Slater’s world comes crashing down next week in EastEnders when she’s told she faces six months in prison. 

Ruby accused Stacey of shoving her down the stairs and deliberately causing her miscarriage last month. 

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But little do Stacey and Martin know that Ruby had already lost the baby at that point – and only pinned the blame on Stacey to turn Martin against her.

Next week, Stacey is devastated when she gets more bad news from her solicitor.

Mo reveals she has good news and that she’s secured a lawyer for Stacey. 

Later, Jean bumps into Ruby and Martin and confronts them about how they’re destroying Stacey’s life.

Ruby and Martin brush Jean’s concerns off but she refuses to go down without a fight and later, Ruby is shocked to see Jean standing in her living room.

Jean begs Ruby to drop the charges against Stacey.

Ruby eventually agrees to call DS Barnes and drop the charges.

Meanwhile, Stacey is advised she could reduce the sentence to six months if she pleads guilty.

But it all kicks off when Jean bursts in and tells her Ruby is dropping the case.

Meanwhile, Ruby calls DS Barnes and leaves him a message.

Will she drop the charges?

Later, Ruby and Martin go to a medical appointment and are shocked when the doctor confirms her she might have endometriosis which affects her fertility. 

Speaking about the reasons for Ruby’s “very sad” lie, actress Louisa told The Sun and other media: “Ruby has always been desperate to be loved. She’s been very lonely from a young age so I think she makes very irrational decisions and is quite selfish because she hasn’t really had anyone else around her to teach her morally and things like that. 

“I guess she is just desperate for Martin. She actually loves him. I think he’s probably the first person she’s actually loved, and some women will do anything for love. I think in her mind she genuinely believes they are supposed to be together and that Stacey is in the way. She wants what she wants.

“It’s really sad. She makes terrible decisions and she’s almost not a very nice person but it’s really sad when you think about where it’s come from and what she’s been through.”

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