EastEnders’ Stacey Slater takes desperate measures as faces money struggles

EastEnders: Stacey tells Lily she is pregnant

Over the past few months, EastEnders favourite Stacey Slater (played by Lacey Turner) has faced a series of money woes from loan shark debts to struggling to feed her children and in coming weeks, she’ll take desperate measures to keep her family afloat.

After speaking to Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier), who revealed he’d been earning some extra cash by selling photos of his feet online, Stacey turned to Secret Cam.

Desperate for the money, the single mother turned to the adult site where she started to pose for risque images in exchange for cash.

Although as her debts continue to mount, it looks as though her additional stream of income hasn’t helped.

In scenes set to air next week, she’s dealt another devastating blow when bailiffs decide to pay her a visit and completely clear out her home.

Wanting to help, Martin Fowler (James Bye) offers Stacey some support but her pride gets in the way as she insists she’s able to deal with the situation.

Later on in the square, Freddie catches up with a defeated Stacey and has an idea on how to get more customers to the bap van to boost sales.

With his idea an instant triumph, Stacey is overjoyed, although she’s soon distracted when she gets an offer from someone on Secret Cam.

As she continues to dismiss Martin’s offer to help, she contemplates the offer as Freddie’s idea can only go so far in going towards paying off her debts.

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Later on, Stacey asks if Eve (Heather Peace) can watch the bap van for her as she disappears home.

However, when Eve returns home she’s taken aback to find Stacey all dolled up and confronts her on what’s going on.

It looks as though it’s not just money that’s causing stress in Stacey’s life as she’s horrified to learn her pregnant daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) is bullying another girl at school.

Although after a while, Stacey and Martin learn that her behaviour is a result of being bullied herself.

Wanting to take her mind off of everything, Martin takes her for a picnic where they share a heart-to-heart and Stacey gets the reassurance she needs.

Speaking about the potential of a rekindled romance between the two characters, actor James Bye told Metro: “‘We have these conversations quite a lot with the story team and Chris Clenshaw, our Executive Producer.

“Where they are right now is a really fun place for Lacey and me. With all the history that they’ve got, they are definitely closer right now than when they were in a romantic relationship.

‘But it’s always going to be bubbling under, and the fans seem to want Martin and Stacey to get back together, and I’m not saying they won’t, but I quite like the fact that we don’t know if that will happen.”

EastEnders continues Monday-Thursday on BBC One from 7:30pm.

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