Emilia Clarke and the ‘Game of Thrones’ Creators Just Responded to That Major Dany Controversy

If you’ve been on Twitter at all in the past 16 hours, you’ve probably realized how pissed people are that Dany has fully descended into madness on Game of Thrones. In a behind-the-scenes video about the episode, shot before it aired, the creators defended her plotline.

Warning! There are major spoilers ahead for last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. Proceed with caution.

Basically, fans have been pissed at Thrones for playing into the “women are crazy” stereotype by making Dany’s descent into madness so unrealistic/rushed/bad. Last night, it got even worse when Dany made the choice to kill thousands of innocent people during the battle.

As a quick recap, Jon Snow and the rest of Dany’s homies marched into King’s Landing after blowing through the gate, and the Lannister army promptly surrendered. That’s when Grey Worm (on the ground) and Dany (in the air) took things into their own hands and decided to fully start roasting/murdering innocent people.

For many fans, it was a crazy (heh, get it?) jump to make for a character who’s been mostly even-keeled for the run of the show.

The episode’s director, Miguel Sapochnik, explained what was going through Dany’s head before she went off the deep end. “She feels empty. It wasn’t what she thought it was. It’s not enough,” he said.

D. B. Weiss, one of the show’s creators, agreed. “She knows she has won this war. It’s in that moment when she makes the decision to make this personal.”

Emilia Clarke added that Dany felt super alone in the moment. “Every single thing that’s led her to this point, and there she is, alone.”

And David Benioff, another show creator, said it was actually all about who her family is.

“Ultimately, she is who she is, and that’s a Targaryen,” he said. “She has said repeatedly throughout the show, ‘I will take what is mine with fire and blood,’ and in this episode, she does it.”

Totally, totally. A woman is definitely prone to ending thousands of innocent lives just because her dad did the same, even though in the entire series, she’s been insistent on not becoming that person. That checks out!

I’m just going to leave this here…

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