Emmerdale Eric Pollard death fears as he suffers fall after Sam stealing chaos

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    Things take an unexpected turn in Emmerdale next week, when Sam Dingle causes danger to Eric Pollard.

    Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Samson continues to sow discontent between Noah and Amelia as he's pushed to his limits.

    Dan struggles with not being able to support his family financially, while Noah reels after hearing he’s lost his apprenticeship now Marcus has left the village.

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    Later on, when Noah rushes off to meet a potential new employer, Amelia desperately searches for someone to look after baby Esther.

    But Noah is left reeling when he discovers that Samson has been looking after Esther in his absence and remains suspicious of his cousin’s true intentions.

    Meanwhile, wanting to provide for his granddaughter, Sam wishes he could do more financially to help out.

    Samson toys with Noah as he seeks to worm his way into Amelia’s good books.

    Soon Noah is completely thrown when Samson manipulates him into offering a payoff from his trust fund to keep away from Esther.

    Surprised by Noah's willingness, Samson is chuffed when Noah agrees to a pay out.

    He then offers him two grand to keep away from Amelia and Esther.

    Later on, Sam moots the idea to Cain of giving Dan a pay rise to help with paying for Esther but Cain is reluctant and resists.

    Sam ponders in deep thought when Cain instead suggests that as a Dingle, he needs to think outside the box.

    Elsewhere back at the shop, Sam tries to distract Pollard while he steals baby things for Esther but he’s confronted by a suspicious Pollard.

    Panicking at the prospect of being caught he quickly flees the scene.

    On Main Street, while in hot pursuit of fleeing Sam, Pollard trips up and hits his head.

    Looking down in horror at an unconscious Pollard, Sam worries about what he's done.

    Will Eric be ok?

    Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV1 and ITVX at 7.30pm

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