Emmerdale fans convinced vicar Charles murdered Ethan’s mum

EMMERDALE fans are convinced vicar Charles murdered Ethan’s mum.

The lawyer – who is played by actor Emile John in the ITV soap – hasn’t seen his mum since he was a small child.

Tonight he decided he was going to find her – and asked Victoria and Luke for their help.

“I don’t know her, I can’t even picture her – dad got rid of all the photos,” he said.

“It’s not the first time I’ve wondered about looking for her. 

“I start to think about her to try to work out why she left – if it was me, if it was dad, if it was something else – I have no idea.”

Asked about whether his dad would help, Ethan admitted he wouldn’t previously.

He said: “He usually shuts that subject down but things are different now. 

“I’m not a kid and he’s moving on with Andrea. Maybe now he could handle it better?”

He added: “She’s had twenty odd years to come and find me and she hasn’t bothered. 

“It wouldn’t hurt to look. But can we keep this to ourselves? Dad can’t find out, I wouldn’t want to hurt him.”

But fans are convinced that Charles destroyed all the pictures and stopped Ethan before because he was covering up his own crime and murdered his wife.

One wrote: "Ethan wants to find him mum! Maybe Charles had something to do with her disappearance?"

A second said: "It will be interesting to discover some more about Ethan's past."

Another fan posted: "I thought Ethan's mum died. She just left? So that means she might be alive?!"

A fourth shared: "Ethan opening up about his past breaks my heart…I wonder what happened to her?"

Next week, Manpreet is taken aback when Ethan asks her if she’ll go with him to see his mother. 

Does Manprett know more about Ethan’s mother than she’s letting on?

Viewers know that Manpreet was exposed as living a double life when her ex Charles arrived in the village earlier this year. 

The vicar addressed her as Saira and accused her of vanishing from his and Ethan’s lives 15 years ago.

It later emerged that Ethan had considered her as his mother, and was devastated when she disappeared.

Speaking about Ethan’s reaction when he first saw Manpreet in the village, actor Emile John – who plays Ethan – revealed: “All the trauma and pain from not one absent mother but two will all come flooding back to him. 


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