Emmerdale paedo Maya Stepney VANISHES — but fans think they know where she is

Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) and Jacob Gallagher (Joe Warren-Plant) prepared to run away to Newcastle tonight.

The Emmerdale cast members have fled the Dales after their neighbours found out she had been abusing her student behind their backs.

But Maya realised Jacob was planning on meeting up with his dad David (Matthew Wolfenden), and disappeared from their hotel room.

Jacob was devastated when he returned to the room to find Maya had gone without a trace.

But fans think they know where she is gone, as one posted: “She’s gone to meet David at the cricket pavilion instead of Jacob I reckon.”

Another added: “I think she is meeting David instead of Jacob.”

David is set to call the police when Maya arrives, so will she confess to her sick crimes and go to prison?

More to follow…

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