Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny beaten to a pulp for being good at poker

Vinny (Bradley Johnson) took on the wrong opponent in tonight’s Emmerdale when Mack (Lawrence Robb) persuaded him to face Darren (Kyle Pryor) in another high-stakes poker game.

The trio struck up a secret game in the scrapyard, with Vinny pretending to be a beginner and therefore lulling Darren into a false sense of security.

The first game went exactly to plan for Vinny, as he pretended not to be sure of the rules, giving up despite having a winning hand.

They continued to play, upping the stakes each time, until Darren had put ten grand on the table. Determined to match him, Vinny opened up the scrapyard safe.

However, the game was brought to an end when Jimmy arrived and demanded an explaination.

While Vinny and Mack walked away with the money, everything seemed as though it had gone perfectly to plan.

However, Darren would soon find out that Vinny wasn’t the beginner he was made out to be.

Furious that he had been tricked, he made his way over to the Mill to confront him face to face. Although Vinny wasn’t going to let him get off easily and taunted him with the win.

It was then that Darren’s evil side came out, as he attacked Vinny and left him bleeding and unconscious on the floor. If that weren’t bad enough, he took the money with him.

Will Vinny be okay?

The character has been struggling since the death of his beloved wife Liv (Isobel Steele) – and his mum Mandy (Lisa Riley) has bore the brunt of his anguish.

Can she be there for him after his latest ordeal?

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