Emmerdale star 'humbled' as men open up about suicide attempts in moving video

Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt has discussed being ‘humbled’ listening to real-life stories of men speaking out about suicidal feelings and attempts to take their own lives, adding that Paddy Kirk’s storyline has been ‘triumphant’ in raising the conversation.

Members of Andy’s Man Club, an volunteer organisation which welcomes men to attend and talk when struggling for all kinds of reasons, recorded a video discussing the importance of Emmerdale and other soaps raising the issue in episodes, while sharing their own feelings and stories.

One man, Liam, explained how he should have been in the best place possible after being married and having a new job and home, but found his life going grey, with everything ‘crashing down’.

Another, Dan, took the group – and viewers of the emotive film above – through his history which included significant losses and bullying, and ultimately led to a suicide attempt.

He added that professional help, and support from Andy’s Man Club, had helped keep him alive when he ‘just didn’t want to be here anymore’.

Explaining the role of the charity, Liam said: ‘It’s for anyone who is going through that storm; it doesn’t have to be something massive.

‘It could be a series of small things that’s really got you down. We find that a lot, guys coming into the groups – being able to help and seeing the difference from Week 1 and Week 4 is a lift.’

It’s okay to talk is the overriding message, and something that I can personally relate to, having made an attempt on my own life in the past.

I found real solace and support in speaking with others and, while initially difficult as Paddy found it, it was a certain lifeline for me.

In an edition of Emmerdale, Paddy attended a group session with Andy’s Man Club.

Filming for these scenes took place at Bradford City Football Club Ground in the room where regular Andy’s Man Club meetings are held every Monday.   

Within this episode, four men with lived experience of being members of Andy’s Man Club were featured, playing the roles of fictional attendees of the group.

The poignant video that has since been released was watched by Dominic and colleague Mark Charnock (Marlon Dingle), and it was clear they were moved.

Having spoken to many men who have experienced Paddy’s situation, Dominic explained his feelings in being trusted with the story and connecting with real life people.

‘I found it humbling, I was very proud to be given such an incredibly important storyline,’ the actor shared.

‘It felt a little but like Impostor Syndrome, like I’m a bit of a fraud. I’ve met many people who have gone through the same thing. It made me feel there is hope, and there’s an answer to this – you need to start talking, tell someone.

‘The caveat it is that men don’t do that.’

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