Emmerdale's Chas and Al caught as she declares she hates herself for loving him?

There was a massive and emotional showdown between Aaron (Danny Miller) and his mum Chas (Lucy Pargeter) in tonight’s Emmerdale, as Aaron still blames Chas for the death of Liv (Isobel Steele).

Liv had been on her way to the Woolpack to look after Eve when she was killed, as Paddy (Dominic Brunt) went to the hospital where Al (Michael Wildman) had taken Chas after she was hurt in the storm.

When Paddy got Aaron to come to the Woolpack to try to talk things through with Chas, Aaron reluctantly agreed but he and his mum were soon at loggerheads as he accused her of still being with Al. He wanted her to swear on his life, but this was something that Chas found hugely upsetting. She said after Grace’s death she couldn’t do that.

Aaron said he felt massively guilty for abandoning Liv when he left the village previously, and everywhere he went there was a reminder of her. Chas used this to emotionally blackmail him, telling him he might be better off going back to Italy. ‘This place has too many bad memories for you,’ she said, adding it was ‘the last thing’ she wanted.

This was a new low even by Chas’s recent standards, and she knew it too. Later she went for a walk to clear her head, and Al caught up with her. Sobbing, Chas told him that she hated herself for ‘Lying to my grieving son.’ She said, ‘He wanted me to swear on his life that it was over, Al. His life!’ Al reassured her that he knew she would never do that. ‘Only because I managed to guilt trip him,’ she replied. She said she hated herself so much for persuading Aaron to leave.

Al said everything would be okay.

‘How is it going to be okay when I hate the pain I’m causing?’ she said. ‘And I hate myself for loving you.’

As she sobbed in Al’s arms, the episode ended on a shot filmed from among the trees at the other end of the bridge where they were standing. Was someone there, watching them? Could Paddy, who was worried about Chas’s state of mind when she left the house, have followed her?

Or could it be Aaron, looking for proof that Chas and Al really are over, and finding the opposite is true?

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