Emotional Kerry Katona fights back tears as she reveals she 'should be dead' after battle with addiction and bankruptcy

A BRAVE Kerry Katona fought back tears as she celebrated coming out of the 'depths of despair' and beating addiction.

The 40-year-old appeared on BBC One's Morning Live show to discuss losing her aunty to addiction, but admitted she herself "should be dead" after years of drug misuse.

In March a devastated Kerry revealed her beloved aunt Angela had died following a battle with alcohol addiction. 

Since then, she has been very open with her fans about the devastating loss of Angela and has now decided to speak out about addiction.

Speaking to hosts Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones, the former Atomic Kitten singer had to compose herself at the start of the interview as she choked up with tears.

"Angela was a lovely mother, let me make that clear," Kerry started before adding she wanted to help others learn how to support their loved ones battling addiction.

"That sense of guilt, even her own children, we all feel that we could have done more and as a family, if you can’t see something it’s really hard to understand it."

"If somebody comes to you and says I’m an alcoholic, you get angry because technically you’re doing that to yourself and you can’t understand why you’re doing that to yourself. "

Kerry then admitted she felt a "sense of anger" with her aunty and ex husband George Kay who died aged 39 following a drug overdose. 

Despite the serious tone of the interview, host Kym pointed out that Kerry still had plenty to celebrate because she'd just "achieved something really special".

Kerry replied: "I mean technically I should be dead and I’m really proud of what I have achieved.

"I have just achieved, after 13 years of being bankrupt – twice -I’ve just finally bought my own house.

"So for me that’s a huge achievement, from going from the depths of low and despair and drugs and drink and divorces, I mean I could be here all day but I don’t think we’ve got the time."

The singer opened up about the reason for her coming on the show to talk about these personal issues was "because if I can overcome these things, so many people out there can do it as well and it is achievable".

She added: "I think also as well, surrounding yourself with the right people who are your friends as well and exercise is a massive, massive factor."

Kerry overcame her own addiction battle 10 years ago.

In the early noughties her cocaine addiction, marriage woes and the loss of her £250,000 Iceland deal made her want to end her own life.

But after years of substance abuse she turned her life around when she checked into a fitness bootcamp with her mum before going to rehab in Arizona a decade ago.


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