Fallon and Kimmel Raise Money for Charity With Quarantine Monologues About Pillow Forts and 2 Much Frozen 2

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel have decided to work from home to help those in need, as more and more late-night hosts share fresh content from their respective coronavirus bunkers.

Fallon on Tuesday posted the first Tonight Show: At Home Edition to YouTube, which featured graphics by his six-year-old daughter Winnie, and cameos by his five-year-old daughter, Franny, his wife/camera operator, Nancy, and his dog/first guest, Gary. “So far it’s been pretty fun at the house,” he said. “We’ve been doing lots of coloring, making pillow forts [and] doing arts and crafts, while the kids have been watching TV in the basement.”

The 10-minute episode included a traditional monologue, as well as an original song called “St. Patrick’s Day Quarantine.” Each installment, Fallon said, will seek to raise money for a different charity. First up: Feeding America, “a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks that feed more than 46 million people through food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and more,” according to the video description.

Likewise, Kimmel said that he would make a donation to a worthwhile cause every day. His first donation went to No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit that strives to end child hunger in America. The announcement was preceded by a “mini-logue” that touched heavily on his own time in quarantine.

“You learn a lot about yourself when you’re isolated at home,” he said. “For instance, I learned that I have two young children… My blood type right now is Disney positive — or Disney+… whatever they call it. We’ve watched Frozen 2 more times than the animators who drew it watched Frozen 2.”

As for other late-night hosts…

Stephen Colbert migrated from his bath tub to his backyard fire pit for what he is now referring to as The Flame Show with Stephen Colburn.

Meanwhile, Trevor Noah demonstrated how to properly deep-clean your house, and Conan O’Brien posted a St. Patrick’s Day-themed hand-washing tutorial.

Watch the videos above, then hit the comments and tell us which late-night host has lifted your spirits the most during this difficult time.

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