Furious Katie Price denies she’s planning surgery spree with new boobs and Botox in her knees to ‘cheer herself up'

A FURIOUS Katie Price denied she's planning a surgery spree with new boobs and Botox in her knees to "cheer herself up".

Reports today claimed the former glamour model, 42, was planning a face and neck lift, Botox, fillers and new breast implants – worrying her friends an family.

However, The Sun Online can confirm the reports are NOT true – and the reality star would be at risk of dying if she went ahead with the surgery.

Katie's rep told us: "Katie cannot undergo any surgery at this current point as she is on blood thinners.

"With the risk of dying on the table, it would never be an option, nor would any surgeon offer."

The original report said Katie wants the surgery to cheer her up while she's bedbound due to the operations on her two broken feet.

The source told Heat magazine: "She's been miserable since the accident and now wants to cheer herself up with a surgery spree – she's even getting Botox in her knees, because she hasn't been able to do any exercise and thinks her knees are wrinkly.

"She's scared her whole body is going to start sagging if she doesn't get something done."

Last year, the star flew to Turkey for a face lift, liposuction, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian bum lift. She's also had ten boob jobs.

However, her most recent trip to Turkey – where her and boyfriend Carl Woods received veneers – ended in disaster when she broke both her feet in a freak accident in a theme park.

In Katie's latest YouTube video Carl can be seen wincing as he watches Katie have her stitches removed following the freak accident.

Doctors spent hours fixing Katie's feet during an operation last month but worked quickly to snip the 50 stitches and pull them out one by one using a small blade and tweezers.

At one point the doctor tugs at Katie's sensitive skin and she wimpers "stop" before moving her leg.

But Carl tells her: "Careful, it's bleeding".

Doctors have warned it will take up to six months before she can start walking again – and will have to be in a wheelchair until then.

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