Gemma Collins' ex best friend Saffron Lempriere breaks silence on feud and says eight years of friendship was 'enough'

GEMMA Collins' ex best friend Saffron Lempriere has broken the silence on their feud and said that eight years of friendship was "enough".

The reality star, 28, threw shade at the self-confessed diva during an assumptions round with her followers on Instagram last night, where she asked them to send in true or false statements about her to answer.

Back in September Saffron revealed that she was no longer speaking to Gemma and a handful of her followers used the opportunity to ask if the girls ever managed to kiss and make up.

One wrote: "You've always been friends with Gemma Collins x."

The blonde beauty replied with a video of her looking at the camera with an unimpressed expression and captioned it: "8 years was enough."

Another fan made the assumption that the pair weren't friends anymore, and she confirmed: "True. I've been asked this about 30 times. No big deal."

But Saffron didn't stop there with spilling the tea as she teased that Gemma was the reason behind their big fall out.

One follower sent her the assumption: "Gemma was the cause of your friendship ending? She seems to lose friends a lot."

The reality star used a selfie of herself with a sticker that spelt out "facts" on her forehead to do the talking for that one.

Some thought that the reason they fell out was because the clashed over their view on animals, considering Gemma mentioned it on one of the recent episodes from her TV show.

"U were the 1 GC was talking bout on her series that she fell out over a view on animals," the fan assumed.

Saffron put the rumours to bed and simply replied: "No idea what this is about… probs more bs***."

After months of speculation, the star gave an insight into what happened between the pair during a chat with FUBAR radio late last year.

She told presenter and best pal Bobby Norris: "Me and Gemma were good friends for a long time.

"I worked with her in the clothing and we were good friends. We were like sisters really and we rowed like sisters as well as loved like sisters.

"Me and Gemma no longer talk. I wish her all the best and that’s it really."

Although she wouldn't go into much detail about what happened, Saffron touched upon how lockdown made her realise a few things about their friendship.

She told her co-star: "I really realised who my true friends were in that time.

"People that you could just pick up the phone to and I realised that I’d wasted a lot of energy and time on things that I shouldn’t have. Because at the end of the day, you’ve got to be happy with yourself."

The ex best pals have been friends for years, but their friendship was first documented on screen during Gemma's series Diva Espana back in 2018.

ITV bosses fell in love with their chemistry on screen and shortly after that Saffron joined the Towie cast.

Gemma is yet to comment about what happened between them.


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