General Hospital spoilers: Sonny and Jason plot against Cyrus

General Hospital returns to normal this week after a brief interruption in the form of Major League Baseball.

And the drama picks off with ease thanks to the return of a major name, as well as characters plotting to take down Cyrus Renault.

On Monday’s episode Ava receives an ominous phone call while Jason suggests a plan to Sonny.

Cameron is feeling conflicted, Stella and Curtis meet for dinner while Molly urges TJ to focus on their future together.

On Tuesday, Brook Lynn sees an opportunity while Ava is feeling cornered.

Alexis regrets her actions, Lulu starts working on a story about Cyrus’ corruption while Willow makes a life changing decision. 

On Wednesday, Chase and Finn meet at the Metro Court while Willow has a lot of issues to resolve.

Elswhere Monica surprises Brook Lynn, Sasha confides in Valentin and Jason cautions Epiphany to lay low.

Thrusday’s episode sees Michael shares his thoughts on the importance of family.

Ava surprises Carly with her kind words and Elizabeth is reminiscent.

Meanwhile Brando reflects on the lessons he’s learned and Sonny is startled to see a familiar face.

The week ends with Joss’ plan is derailed.

Lulu invites Dustin to move in with her. Ned is nervous. Brook Lynn comes clean with Olivia. Cyrus wants a case file from Jordan.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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