Gogglebox’s Tom Malone Jr calls out troll over racism towards his girlfriend

Gogglebox star Tom Malone Jr has took to social media to blast horrid trolls who aimed "blatant racism" towards his girlfriend Bryony Briscoe.

Not standing for the nastiness and speaking up to defend his girlfriend, Tom used his social media platforms to bring shame to the culprit.

The TV star, felt the need to lash out about the very topical issue at the moment, in a bid to show his own fans that racism is still a "massive issue" in the UK.

He told his following he was tired of people "belittling the issue" of racism, following others suggesting the online bully was just "jealous".

The professional dancer took to Instagram to share a suave picture of himself, along with a snippet that showed him cutting some serious shapes.

Captioning the entire post, he wrote: "Awake. Swipe right for some foolishness."

The internet troll penned: "Wheres ya bird.???," before adding a number monkey emojis.

Soon after, the vile comment seemed to cause quite a stir as fans rushed to defend his choreographer girlfriend.

"That is disgusting!!," remarked one follower.

"Where's your respect, at least he's got a girlfriend, you'll never get one with a small mind like that," a second added.

A third said: "He is very much doing this on purpose to get a reaction out of you. This is called bullying. Sometimes it's better to react with no reaction. Bullies eventually fade away when you no longer feed their attention."

Tom Jr seemed to be annoyed that nobody had pointed out the obvious racism as they instead branded the keyboard warrior "jealous".

Wanting to highlight the issue at hand, he tweeted: "A lot of people are trying to brush this off as someone that’s ‘jealous’. I know you guys mean well but that’s just belittling the issue.

"The issue here is blatant racism… not jealousy,” he went on to say. Most people who get jealous resort to unfollowing me…not racial abuse."

After he'd put his point across fans were in total agreement as they echoed his sentiment.

One follower added: "Has absolutely nothing to do with jealousy…it's blatant racism. It's vile. #BlacklivesStillMatter."

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