‘Halloween Kills’ Make-up and VFX Artist Reveals Insane Process Used for That Dr. Loomis Cameo

Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Samuel Loomis first appears in the 1978 original Halloween. A few of the sequels includes the protagonist. Pleasence died in 1995, but Malcolm McDowell reprised the character in Rob Zombie’s Halloween installments. Halloween Kills briefly brings Pleasence’s Loomis back in an original scene that takes place after John Carpenter’s movie concludes. Make-up and VFX artist Christopher Allen Nelson recently explained how the production accomplished it.

‘Halloween Kills’ includes Dr. Loomis in a flashback scene

Halloween Kills picks up right where its predecessor left off. Michael Myers has been left for dead in a burning house, while Laurie Strode and her family ride off for medical attention. Myers has left behind a pile of dead bodies and severely injured folks. The movie flashes back to the events that took place in the 1978 original movie. Myers has gone on his first rampage that ultimately scarred Strode and the rest of Haddonfield.

Deputy Frank Hawkins and his partner pursue Myers after he escaped from getting shot. They track him down to the Myers family home. However, the situation doesn’t turn out how Hawkins would have liked. Loomis makes an appearance and tries to kill Myers once and for all. However, Hawkins stops him from killing his own patient before he’s taken away.

Make-up and VFX artist Christopher Allen Nelson shows how the Dr. Loomis scene was accomplished

Nelson took to Instagram to share how the Halloween Kills production accomplished bringing Pleasence’s Loomis back to the famous horror movie franchise. The first picture shows Loomis’ actor in full make-up as well as how he looks outside of the make-up. The before and after is rather staggering. Nelson explained that no CGI or body doubles were used to bring Loomis back. The process surprisingly didn’t take very long to accomplish.

“No, he was not CGI, but our own construction foreman Tom Jones Jr. in an 11 piece prosthetic makeup with hairpieces,” Nelson wrote. “So fun to do and was a pretty quick turnaround actually…Kudos to DGG [David Gordon Green] for picking this guy!”

Nelson concluded the post by giving thanks to each team member who worked on bringing Loomis to life. He also thanked Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green for casting the actor. The scene is brief, but some fans were pleased with what the flashback managed to achieve.

‘Halloween Kills’ is not the end

Halloween Kills is only the second installment in Green’s trilogy. Critics gave the horror movie mixed reviews out of the Venice International Film Festival world premiere. However, critic reviews have become progressively more negative over time. They praised the movie’s high level of violence but criticized the screenplay and the general story direction. Halloween Ends will conclude the story on October 14, 2022.

Halloween Kills is now playing in theaters and is streaming on Peacock. The movie brought in an impressive $50 million opening weekend at the domestic box office. It’s clear that audiences are excited to return back to Haddonfield.

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