Harry Styles is the perfect American jock in ‘SNL’ sketch that didn’t make the cut

Harry Styles played many different roles on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, from British singer debuting a new song (his truest self), to a funeral DJ, airline pilot, expectant father, gang member and pet dog. 

But one role that didn’t make it onto the show: Styles as a blond American jock.

In a silly sketch cut for time starring Kyle Mooney (as usual) as Scotty, Styles is the younger and much more suave Jason with a Zack Morris haircut and varsity jacket.

Styles, who showed off his mastery of accents throughout the episode, easily displays a ’90s, carefree cool-dude voice in this video when his Jason asks big brother Scotty to come to the movie theater with his friends: “So whatta ya say? Movie?”

The question comes after Jason’s friends bully Scotty, Scotty raps about it, and Jason chimes in with his own rap that features plenty of hip gyrating.

How could you say no to Styles’ Jason, the coolest guy in school?

“I guess my answer is … yes (to the movie),” replies Scotty.

But Chris Redd’s Colby interrupts the brotherly reunion. And loser Scotty is out of luck again.

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