Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Finale Recap: Out With a Bang…?

Just as showrunner Peter M. Lenkov had warned us, CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 this Friday night closed Season 9 with the fate of a major character left up in the air.

Worse, the shocking twist sprung out of almost nowhere — unless, that is, you totally saw it coming.

The bulk of Season 9’s final episode revolved around the hunt for Aaron Wright, whom the team realized (too late) had pulled the wool over their eyes in playing the victim last week. Rather, he orchestrated the office assault he somehow “survived,” and now he has his hands on the code for a deadly “cyber weapon” which he intends to sell to the highest bidder.

The team chases one lead on Wright’s whereabouts after Jerry gleans from a security cam video the cell phone keys he pressed to call the buyer — but that turns out to be a dead (and almost deadly) end, when “Wright” turns out to be a paid stand-in.

Then they get a bead on the motorcycle Wright is using, and an extended, high-speed chase ensues. Despite some deft maneuvering down alleyways and what not, Wright eventually takes a spill, after which he disappears into a mall. Further confounding Five-0, he hacks the emergency alert system to broadcast to the masses an incoming missile warning.

Five-0 knows that all the major transport hubs are shut down and on the lookout for Wright. So how does he plan to get away? When Jerry notices that the hacker has been logging lotsa hours on a flight simulator program, they realize he plans to fly himself away on a PJ. Danny and Steve arrive too late at the airstrip to do much other than play a game of chicken on the runway. But Jerry then saves the day by using code (created by Aaron’s brother, no less) to hack the plane and dump his fuel, forcing him to land. Wright gloats, though, that Five-0 could very well see him again someday, depending on how badly the government needs his particular set of skills.

Elsewhere in the hour: Junior frets that his MIA father intends to do someone — perhaps himself — harm, in the wake of Junior opting not to ask that the drunk driver who killed Maya be denied parole. Luckily, Junior finds Dad safe and sound, then dumps the bullets from his revolver.

But there is still a gun to go off, courtesy of a visitor to HQ.

As established earlier in the hour, Omar Hassan’s wife wants to swing by with her young son, to make amends for her husband’s reign of terror and end the cycle of violence. And… Five-0 allows it, seeing zero red flags. Yet sure enough, after she arrives and Steve shakes hands with both her and the kid, Hassan’s wife shoves her son out of the way, whips out a plastic gun and fires it in the direction of an off-camera McGarrett!

Did McGarrett get shot? Or did someone jump in the way to take the bullet for him? Find out when Season 10 arrives in the fall, airing Fridays at 8/7c!

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