Holly Willoughby beams as she reveals her mum Linda, 73, just got the Covid vaccine and is 'relieved to say the least'

HOLLY Willoughby beamed this morning as she revealed her mum has just got the Covid vaccine.

The This Morning presenter said she's "relieved to say the least" after 73-year-old Linda texted to say she's had her first jab.

"I've got some really good news today," said Holly as the ITV show kicked off.

"My mum has just had her vaccine. She just text me saying 'just done!'

"She's in the over-70s category so she got the call and off she's gone.

"So that is a relief to say the least.

"It's incredible, really amazing."

Last year Holly voiced her concerned for her mum as coronavirus swept Britain.

The 39-year-old star voiced her concerns about her parents during a phone-in about the disease with a doctor on This Morning today.

She told Dr Claire: "My mum is older than me, she’s 72, so she’s creeping into that age bracket and my dad.

"As a daughter, because I want to look after them, should I be making sure they’ve got enough food in? But you don't want to add to this panic of stockpiling.

"What does the infrastructure around that look like?”

Holly is very close to youthful-looking Linda, who she hailed as a "timeless beauty" in one of her many Instagram snaps of her.

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