Holly Willoughby blasts Covid laws forcing pregnant women to attend scans alone

Holly Willoughby has picked apart the current coronavirus restrictions forcing pregnant women to attend scans without their partners.

The NHS website reads that ‘if you need to have a scan you may have to go on your own,’ to help stall the spread of Covid-19.

However, the mum-of-three branded the rules ‘horrific’ when chatting to Dr Larisa Corda in today’s instalment of This Morning.

‘The fact of the matter is sometimes when you go to these scans, it’s not going to be good news,’ Holly noted.

‘This isn’t just for normal pregnancies, this could be women who are having a miscarriage having to deal with this on their  own.’

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She added: ‘The implication of this for a female to go through something like that or receive bad news they weren’t expecting, at any time is horrific but to do it on their own is just awful.’

And the expert agreed, as Dr Larisa stressed: ‘It’s unbearable.

‘Being pregnant and facing the prospect of being a new mum is challenging at the best of times, but when you throw in a pandemic and the deprivation that’s causing, the fact you cant have a partner in with you helping to advocate for you is just so awful.

‘And, as you say, as women get bad news, having to deal with that and not being able to as a health professional not put your hand around them – it felt inhumane not to.’

Viewers at home applauded the pair for addressing the regulations, and took to Twitter with their own experiences.

‘Well done @thismorning talking about mixed laws on pregnancy scan and labour. Myself and partner are going through this and I have to wait in the car while my partner is on her own during a scan, longest wait of my life,’ one wrote.

Another called for change, adding: ‘Talking about pregnancy and labour in the pandemic is making me all emosh. Brings back so many overwhelming feelings. Things need to change.’

While someone else stressed: ‘It’s unbelievable that schools are back, offices running, hospitality open etc but you still can’t have your partner with you during scans or until you’re in active labour. Really feel for pregnant women at the moment.’

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