Hollyoaks spoilers: Verity Hutchinson forced to kill evil Edward after Diane death?

Verity Hutchinson has made the dangerous step of exposing the truth about her evil father Edward (Joe McGann) to Diane (Alex Fletcher).

Having been brought up by manipulative Edward her entire life, it has taken Verity a long time to realise his true colours and for it to hit home that the behaviour he exhibited towards her is not normal at all.

Eva O’Hara, who plays the torn local, explained to Metro.co.uk: ‘It’s taken her so so long – the thing is, the guilt of having to tell that truth is bubbling. Verity has a really pure and instinctual nature. She has grown up with this incredibly emotionally abusive father and the impact that has had on her personality is huge.

‘So that slow uncovering of it has step by step to open up that confidence to confront it. That manipulation he has had over her has been with her all her life.

She mused: ‘There’s such a stark difference between the Hutchinson household than what she is used to. He is a horrible, horrible figure – it’s almost unbelievable when she sees the obvious difference between the two families.

‘Her heart truly lies with her brother and she knows she has to be open with Diane. It’s interesting for her, she isn’t quite believed at first – it’s a boy who cried wolf kind of thing. She has had different acts up until now so understandably people aren’t instantly on her side.

‘Also it’s quite a hard story to explain – “okay so he’s done this, he’s done that!” Level headed Diane really does not believe her at first. I love the fiery relationship between Verity and Diane – there is some rage but an undercurrent of heart.’

Of course, Edward is more dangerous than ever and considering that he is set to potentially kill Diane in a showdown, there is no telling what he will do to bring down Verity.

Eva warned: ‘I think every word that comes out of Edward’s mouth right now destroys Verity a bit more. It’s utterly heartbreaking – it leads to another part of Verity’s history unfolding. The amalgamation of all of this and these struggles she has had, she is really going to have to build herself back up. But when you’ve got very little to lose, you can take more risks. I do have high hopes for Verity bringing him down.’

But what else could Edward do as his reign of terror wages on?  

Eva teased: ‘I really don’t think there’s a line at this point. He’s an utterly unhinged man – he has destroyed and controlled his daughter her entire life. There is nothing he wouldn’t do – hopefully the people come together and unite to defeat him.

‘A very unpleasant Christmas surprise will be unveiled. And we will then see an even more grounded  and stronger Verity will come out of this. She has been beaten down in every possible way but she will discover this bravery and it will be interesting. I want her to bring him down!

And honestly, there is genuine evil in his eyes when he is acting, it actually riles me up acting even though I love Joe to bits. He’s so great at it, and it really helps me get into that mindset of the viewers who really want Edward to get his comeuppance.’

As the Hutchinsons are rocked by Edward’s revelation that Diane is dead, Christmas is thrown into chaos. But as Verity determines to take her wicked dad on, will she uncover the truth – and are his days numbered?

Or could Edward be capable of murder when it comes to his own daughter?

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