Hulu's Kumail Nanjiani-Led Chippendales Limited Series Adds White Lotus Breakout Murray Bartlett

White Lotus star Murray Bartlett‘s red-hot career ascension continues.

A day after landing a SAG Award nominations for his breakout role in the HBO dark comedy, Bartlett has joined Hulu’s forthcoming Chippendales origin story.

Starring Kumail Nanjiani as Chippendales founder Somen “Steve” Banerjee, Immigrant chronicles the “insane, darkly comedic, crime-ridden story behind the unique male revue that became a cultural phenomenon,” per Hulu.

Bartlett joins the limited series as producer/choreographer Nick De Noia, a charming, fast-talking New Yorker who’s certain he’s God’s gift to entertainment. De Noia is responsible for transforming Chippendales from a seedy male strip joint in West LA to the global juggernaut it would one day become. A man of many passions, Nick loves drinking, drugs, women, men — and most of all, showbiz.

The eight-part series will be written by Pam & Tommy creator Robert Siegel, who serves as an EP alongside Nanjiani, Dylan Sellers, Emily V. Gordon, Rajiv Joseph and Mehar Sethi.

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