If Anna Kendrick Ever Steps Into the MCU, There's 1 Character Fans Want Her to Become

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown exponentially since Iron Man, the first film in the franchise, premiered in 2008. But even though Avengers: Endgame served as a finale to a decade-long saga, there’s plenty more to come.

There are dozens of Marvel characters that haven’t made it off comic book pages yet — and fans know not only who they want to see on-screen, but also who they want to appear as those characters.

Fans’ latest actor-and-character pairing involves Anna Kendrick, who would be a welcome newcomer to the MCU as she joined an ever-growing list of renowned actors who have done the same.

Anna Kendrick’s career

Anna Cooke Kendrick is an American singer and actress. The actor was born in Portland, Maine on August 9, 1985. When she was 12 years in 1988, she made a debut on the screens and featured in Broadway’s High Society musicalshow.  She received her first Tony nomination for the excellent work in the show. 

Kendrick has also featured in other shows such as; Camp, Twilight Saga, Up in the Air, Into the Woods, The Pitch Perfect, among others.

Kendrick is ranked as one of the top Hollywood stars. In all her shows, she portrays vibrant attributes of singing, dancing, and comic acts.  Her talent and personality are incredible, and her fans probably adore her acting prowess.

Fans want Anna Kendrick to go Rogue

Rumors surrounding the MCU debut of the X-Men have been circulating for years. This has prompted dozens of fan-casts — Marvel fans posting and discussing their picks for actors who could portray certain well-known characters on the big screen.

The X-Men have been front-and-center in these discussions since Disney acquired Fox, meaning the MCU also acquired the rights to these characters, who were untouchable for the franchise before.

But what makes Kendrick a good fit for the character of Rogue?

Screen Rant suggests that the seasoned actress “can bring out all of the personality traits that make Rogue such a beloved mutant.”

Even if Kendrick doesn’t go full Rogue, however, there are other Marvel characters that could benefit from a live-action debut with the famed actress at the forefront.

Anna Kendrick: Squirrel Girl?

Kendrick expressed her interest in the character that was suggested by her brother. In her posts, she thinks that she can take up the Squirrel Girl’s role and make a debut in the Marvel shows.

Avengers‘ directors Anthony Russo and Joe suggested that Kendrick would make a perfect match for the half-squirrel role. Although they don’t suggest her debut in the MCU shows, they think she is a perfect cast and so do her fans.

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