I’m A Celebrity bosses having secret meetings with BBC Radio 1 DJs Rickie and Melvin

I'M A CELEBRITY bosses have been having secret meetings with BBC Radio 1 DJs Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom.

The music-loving duo admitted they were "obsessed with reality TV" as they prepare to take part in Channel 4's Celebrity Circle.

Ahead of the show's start, one half of the DJ pair, Melvin Odoom, told The Sun Online that they always seek to "find the right one" to appear on.

The Circle kicks off tomorrow evening and Melvin, 40, confessed: "You know what? Me and Rickie are secretly excited, because when we were at uni we were obsessed with reality TV, shows like Big Brother.

"But we have been quite lucky in our careers to be able to dodge most of them.

"I think it's about finding the right one, and this feels like the right one."

He went on to reveal: "We have been asked to do I'm a Celebrity.

"We had a meeting with the team, and we're both really scared of any bugs, any animals.

"Rickie did the spinoff, Extra Camp and he had to do one of the tasks, he was freaking out!"

But despite the potential to make great television, the star ruled out their appearance on the popular ITV series.

"I think it's an amazing show to watch," said Melvin. "I think it's so entertaining, but I don't think I could hack being in the jungle.

The DJ admitted: "I'd be too, too scared.

"And then all the other shows, like SAS, they look too difficult.

"I lasted on Strictly for a week, and then I was booted off. But luckily I won the Christmas special.

"So I think after you do Strictly, this is the only thing that's left to do that feels safe."

Melvin and Rickie join the likes of Denise Van Outen and Lady Leshurr on Channel 4's Celebrity Circle which kicks off tomorrow.

The hilarious reality show will see celebrities holed up in their own apartments, trying to guess who is telling the truth about their identity.

The celebs are able to play individually or in pairs.

As with previous series, players can decide to play as themselves or as someone else.

The Celebrity Circle, Channel 4, Tuesday March 9, 9.15pm.

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