I'm A Celebrity's AJ Pritchard blasted after calling Jessica Plummer 'petrified' in trial when he was the one screaming

I'M A Celebrity's AJ Pritchard has come under fire after saying Jessica Plummer was 'petrified' during their trial – when in fact he screamed throughout.

Last night, viewers watched as the pair took on The Harm-ory, which saw them searching for 12 stars through a series of rooms and tunnels in complete darkness.

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And of course the duo weren't alone in the dark as several camp critters; including rats, pigeons, maggots and cockroaches, were invited in.

And while many believed Jess would struggle with the task following the camp's live trial on Friday, the actress proved everybody wrong as she tried her best to comfort a shrieking AJ.

The TV star assured her campmate, "You've got this, I'm here AJ" as he started hysterically calling out her name.

"Jess, Jess, hello… Jess," he shouted. "Can you hear me… Jess… Jess".

Trying her best to relax the former Strictly pro, she told AJ to "focus and calm down" as they managed to bag six meals for camp.

Devastated they only got half the total number of stars, the duo came back to camp defeated.

Yet, viewers were left unhappy with AJ after he claimed it was only Jess who was petrified during the challenge – not himself.

Reflecting on the trial, Vernon Kay told campmate Shane Ritchie that AJ had said Jess was "petrified" and opted to omit his fear factor.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer penned: "#ImACelebrity So #ajpritchard has said that Jessica was petrified in the trial…I guess he couldn't hear his own squeals!"

"wait Vernon just said AJ said Jess was petrified but AJ was the one screaming terrified with Jess calming him down?? ๐Ÿ‘€ #ImACeleb" (sic) another wrote.

A third penned: "Cranky bunch tonight!! And naughty AJ saying Jess was petrified..he was the one who was petrified surprisingly not her" (sic).

"Cannot believe AJ gone round saying Jess was terrified when he was the one screaming her name," a fourth shared.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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