Inside Kate Garraway’s North London home after she spends ‘thousands’ converting it for husband Derek Draper’s return

KATE Garraway added a wet room and a lift to her home before her husband Derek Draper returned home from hospital.

The Good Morning Britain host, 53, spend thousands making the house suitable for Derek, who was discharged last week.

In preparation for his homecoming, Kate had to make adjustments to the property as Derek will start to use a wheelchair while he recovers from his 12-month Covid ordeal.

The ground floor lounge has been transformed into his new bedroom, complete with a hospital bed.

Covid has damaged Derek's body, causing him to lose eight stone and leaving him with holes in his heart and lungs.

But he is now off all machines, though still needs 24/7 care.

During her recent ITV1 documentary, Finding Derek,Kate showed viewers her house as she got it ready for Derek.

She said: "At the moment what we're doing, we've got an occupational therapist that deals with the lay out of the home, looking at putting in a wet room – basically, ground floor living.

"He'll either be on a stretcher or a wheelchair. And also they're trying to figure out how to put a lift in the garden."

She showed viewers a look into her kitchen, with retro style features, a cherub lamp and a microwave.

Lots of things were moved into the space and her youngest, son Billie, 11, was forced to trawl through it all to get to his mum.

A glimpse into the bedroom showed a mirror with a wooden dresser.

The ground floor washroom was still in construction, with a builder laying plaster and a toilet ready for installation.

Last week, Kate shared her joy at finally being able to lay four places at the family dining table again.

"There's just been so many little lovely moments," she told her Good Morning Britain colleagues.

"I've been saying to [Derek] all the time during the coma, 'When you get home, you can have one of my casseroles' – which he loves by the way, that's not a threat!

"I said right, 'Let's see if we can somehow get you round a kind of table with all four of us'. So we sort of managed to do that.

"As I was laying out the plates, I realised I was laying out four. It makes me cry now."

Kate added: "It just feels like the start of a huge chapter but a really, really big and important one."

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