Is YOU-niverse Askew? No Justice for Beyoncé? Is Harrison Ford a Joy? Will Axe Be in Billions: London? More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Last of Us, Shrinking, the Grammys, NCIS: Hawaii, YOU and more!

1 | Is it safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot of Ego Nwodim’s uproarious Lisa From Temecula on Saturday Night Live in the coming weeks and months and years? And what do you think the writers reasoning was behind skipping a Mandalorian sketch during Pedro Pascal’s inaugural episode as host? Plus, are you kind of mad that the dystopian Mario Kart series isn’t a real thing? (Could it be??)

2 | The minute that ghost ship showed up in 1923, did you just know that it would be the cause of Spencer and Alex’s undoing?

3 | If you haven’t played the Last of Us video game, were you stunned by how quickly Joel and Ellie lost the truck they had just claimed?

4 | Why do the Grammys insist on insulting Beyoncé year after year with an Album of the Year nomination only to award the prize to boring albums (in this case, one meant to serve as the faint ambient murmur of a sushi restaurant)?

5 | Would the Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial have been more exciting had Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul not reprised Walt and Jesse just a few months ago, during the final season of Better Call Saul?

6 | Is it too much to ask that newly announced spinoff Billions: London focus on Bobby Axelrod (played by London-based former Billions star Damian Lewis)?

7 | Wait, when did The Bachelor‘s Genevie hurt her arm? They couldn’t find time in this week’s two-hour episode to show us how that happened?

8 | Is it just us, or was Alert: Missing Person Unit‘s Nikki blowing up the retreating drug smugglers quite cold-blooded, something that Internal Affairs would see as the equivalent of a bad shooting?

9 | Are we to believe The Neighborhood‘s Marty convinced himself throughout his relationship to Necie that he didn’t want kids, only for it to become an issue just before they’re supposed get married?

10 | Were you “OK” with NCIS: Hawai’i‘s aircraft carrier green screen until this closing sequence? Also, is anyone else kinda “over” Kai’s dad?

11 | Does anyone have worse luck than The Good Doctor‘s Dr. Glassman? First he loses his daughter Maddie, then he nearly dies of brain cancer, then he remarries and quickly gets dumped, and now his house has burned down….

12 | As one of our Quantum Leap readers pointed out, is it possible that Ian from the future leapt into Dottie?

13 | In the Criminal Minds: Evolution finale, if Elias’ daughter had zero cell phone signal, how was he able to easily view the livestream of imprisoned Rossi? (Maybe password-protected WiFi at the rental home?) And who do you think walked through the door in the closing scene, to visit with Elias?

14 | If Bosch alum Jamie Hector does not wish to or is not invited to headline Amazon’s J. Edgar spinoff series, who would be your pick to play the detective?

15 | If not Chris Hardwick, who should host CBS’ reboot of @Midnight? Perhaps a former recurring panelist from the Comedy Central era, like Ron Funches, Paul F. Tompkins or Thomas Lennon?

16 | How did General Hospital‘s Ava not only drag Nikolas’ body across the floor of Wyndemere but all the way to the stables?

17 | How impressed/surprised were you by American Auto‘s stealth Ryan Reynolds cameo? And how uncanny was the timing of the storyline about Kevin Costner bailing on his gig as Payne’s spokesperson, given this week’s news about his potential exit from Yellowstone?

18 | When A Million Little Things‘ Anna said that Eddie hadn’t let her down once in their relationship, did… she remember that she was in prison for 9/10ths of the time they were dating?

19 | Isn’t it a bit much for The Challenge: Ride or Dies to stretch its final across three episodes/weeks? And how do you think this final compares to the hardest ones from seasons past (we’re thinking… War of the Worlds)?

20 | Wouldn’t you love to see Not Dead Yet‘s Nell and Ghosts‘ Sam trade ghost stories and tips?

21 | In the Harley Quinn Valentine’s special, which “super” couple giving When Harry Met Sally-like interviews would you like to spend more time with? Superman/Lois? Hawkman/Hawkgirl? Darkseid/Kimberly Guilfoyle?? And speaking of those pairings, are we to glean that Swamp Thing and Nora Freeze didn’t work out? And were you surprised to know that Brett Goldstein indeed voiced himself, given he didn’t use his growlier Roy Kent voice?

22 | Based on Joe’s comment about feeling like he’s stuck in a West End revival of Mean Girls, are we to believe that, in the YOU-niverse, London has already opened, closed and revived a musical that only made its Broadway debut in 2018?

23 | Why would Young Sheldon‘s Brenda Sparks be invited to Mandy’s baby shower? And you mean to tell us Mandy had zero people she wanted to invite outside of Georgie’s family and her own mother?

24 | On Love Is Blind: After the Altar, how relieved were you that Nancy stood her ground and broke it off with Bartise in Episode 14? And did you pick up on Cole selectively denying flirting with other girls but not his rude comments about Zanab?

25 | In Shrinking, is Harrison Ford’s joyful singalong to Sugar Ray’s “Every Morning” proof that, indeed, we all contain multitudes? And are you hoping we eventually get an episode dedicated to a day in the life of Ted McGinley’s Derek, whose one or two lines per episode are often the funniest? (We’re still laughing about his delivery of “Eat a d–k, Pam!” in Episode 3.)

26 | On Servant, are Dorothy’s live-in nurses Bobbie and Bev too good to be true? Do you think they could be cult members or followers of Leanne’s?

27 | How sad do you get whenever someone on Days of Our Lives refers to what Victor is up to off screen, knowing that actor John Aniston passed away back in November 2022?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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