Jeremy Paxman angers University Challenge fans with ‘cutting’ critique of score: ‘Rude!

University Challenge: Jeremy comments on losing team’s score

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On Monday evening, Jeremy Paxman welcomed teams from Strathclyde and Reading onto University Challenge as each team of four hoped they had what it took to progress through round one. Kirsch, Laird, Monaghan and McGhee were the students on hand to battle it out for Strathclyde while Reading’s team consisted of quizzers Skopic, Ounsley, team captain Hutchinson and Jesudoss. However, while many viewers were impressed with Hutchinson and Reading’s performance, a number of BBC viewers weren’t best pleased with Paxman’s final retort.

Following a tense head-to-head which involved questions ranging from Roman history to the reggaeton genre of music, it was Reading who progressed to the next round.

With a score of 175, Reading dwarfed Stratchclyde’s points haul after they’d only managed to put up 110 on the board.

A respectable tally and by nowhere near the worst University Challenge has ever seen, Paxman still made clear he felt Strathclyde’s efforts we sub-par.

As the gong sounded to bring the contest to a close, Paxman commented: “There goes the gong. Strathclyde have 110, Reading have 175.”

He continued: “So we’ll, I’m afraid, have to say goodbye to you Strathclyde with 110.”

However, instead of giving the team some words of commiserations, Paxman delivered a rather savage critique of their scores.

“I don’t think you’re going to be one of the highest-scoring losing teams,” he remarked. “But you never know.”

He concluded: “Reading, congratulations, 175 is a great score and I look forward to seeing you in round two.”

Blunt and straight to the point, Strathclyde looked rather deflated as they bid goodbye to BBC viewers.

However, Paxman’s comments irked some viewers for being unnecessarily “rude” following the team’s defeat.

“Is there ever a sentence uttered more cutting than ‘I don’t think you’ll be one of the highest scoring losing teams…’ #UniversityChallenge,” one fan said on Twitter.

While a second questioned: “Why is Jeremy Paxman always so rude on university challenge? [angry emoji].”

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A third fan was a lot more supportive of the losing university, tweeting: “Commiserations to the @QuizStrath team! Would be great to see more of them… there’s always a chance #UniversityChallenge.”

While a fourth echoed: “That was a good contest I thought; either team’s game until Reading ran away in the final third. 

“Well done them, and well done Strathclyde too on a good effort! #UniversityChallenge.”

And a fifth brutally hit back at Paxman’s criticism: “Please can someone tell Paxman ‘You don’t actually know this stuff mate, you’re just reading it off a card’ The patronising t**t #UniversityChallenge.”

Strathclyde may still remain in the contest if the rest of the first round’s losing teams fail to better their score.

However, with the current series still in its early stages, fans will have to continue to tune in to see if they stand a chance.

Reading, on the other hand, will face off against another round one victor later in the series.

University Challenge airs Mondays at 8:30pm on BBC Two.

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