Kanye West takes kids North and Saint to Target in Yeezy Christian Academy sweats after boasting to have $4 billion

KANYE West was spotted taking kids North and Saint to Target in matching Yeezy Christian Academy sweats after boasting to have $4 billion this week.

The rapper and his children sported bright blue outfits as they made their way into the Los Angeles store.

While they weren't wearing masks, an onlooker says the trio put on face coverings before starting their shopping trip.

The family outing comes after Kanye claimed to have a net worth of $5 billion after falling "$53 million in debt".

However, during the summer, Kanye claimed his net worth was actually $3 billion despite Forbes claiming it closer to $1.3 billion.

Kanye, 43, took to Twitter to talk about his finances after Ok! Magazine published an article that claimed his net worth is $5 billion.

"From $53 million in debt to a net worth of $5 billion in 4 years," he tweeted.

"Thank you, Jesus. I know I fall short, but I repent. I am fully in service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"We are building schools of the future. Thank God for providing the increase."

Kanye's tweet about his finances comes after Business Insider revealed that he disclosed his financial assets and liabilities as part of his candidature for the presidential elections.

In the documents obtained by the outlet, it was revealed that his footwear brands – Yeezy LLC, Yeezy Apparel LLC, and Yeezy Footwear LLC. – are worth more than $50 million each.

Despite revealing his assets, the rapper didn't reveal Kim Kardashian's under "unusual circumstances," though it's required.

The musician turned politician's assets also include his music-related intellectual property Mascotte Holdings Inc., which is valued between $5 million and $25 million, and publishing and content creation firm West Brands LLC, valued at up to $5 million.

He additionally has stakes in Adidas, valued between $25 million and $50 million, along with stakes in Nike, ranging between $5 million to $25 million.

He also added a $5 million income excess from the last year through his clothes, music and marketing.

However, the father of four also disclosed between $25 million to $100 million in debt, mostly from mortgages.

Back in April, Forbes revealed that the rapper was valued at $1.26 billion.

The outlet broke down his finances, apparently after Kanye took exception at not being included on their billionaires' list.

The magazine revealed that the rapper recently provided documents to the publication, giving them an "authentic numeric look into Kanye, Inc." to prove the feat.

The article suggested it was done after Kanye was eager to prove his financial status for some time, noting that he had previously claimed to be a billionaire during an appearance at the 2019 Fast Company Innovation Festival.

"When I did Forbes, I showed them a $890 million receipt and they still didn't say 'billionaire,'" Kanye said at the event.

The publication valued his assets at just over a billion, claiming that he is worth around $1.26 billion, after he sent them documents.

However, they noted that the rapper claimed that the figure should be around $3 billion at least, and was not happy with their evaluation.

"It's not a billion," Kanye allegedly texted the publication.

"It's $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count."

The Forbes article further claimed that West was so unhappy with his name being absent from the billionaire list that he texted the writer.

"You know what you're doing," O'Malley Greenburg claimed Kanye texted to him.

"You're toying with me and I'm not finna lye [sic] down and take it anymore in Jesus name."

He is then claimed to have texted that Forbes was "purposely a part of a group of media" that was unwilling to give him the credit he was asking for because of his race.


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