Kate Garraways appearance savaged by GMB co-star Looks like a bag of Chewits

GMB: Richard Arnold says he’s ‘thrown’ by Kate’s outfit

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On Friday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard were back in the studio to bring viewers the latest news headlines. One of the main topics of discussion was the tragic death of schoolteacher Sabina Nessa. The duo also spoke with a number of guests about the shortage of fuel at petrol stations. Richard Arnold was also on hand to host the latest celebrity news. However, the entertainment presenter quickly got distracted by Kate’s appearance and he likened her colourful dress to a “bag of Chewits” sweets.

Towards the end of Richard’s entertainment segment, Richard saw his co-star, who was wearing a colourful top and purple trousers and decided to take a cheeky swipe at her outfit.

As he finished the celebrity news, Richard said to his co-star, Pip Tomson: “Sorry, I’ve just been rather thrown by Kate popping into the studio.”

“She looks like a bag of Chewits,” he joked.

Laughing could be heard off-camera before Richard walked off the set.

Defending Kate’s outfit, Pip weighed in: “He is so rude.

“Let’s get Alex (Beresford) with the weather now, who’s much less rude.”

Shortly after, Ben couldn’t help but laugh about Richard’s comments.

When Kate asked her co-star what his problem was, he simply replied: “Well, as Richard said, you’ve come as a packet of Chewits.”

It comes as the presenters spoke with former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and Iain Dale about the pumpkin crisis.

Jacqui, who was wearing a bright orange dress, went on to tell Kate Richard had also told her she looked like a pumpkin.

Ben added: “There’s a fuel crisis, the pumpkins might not be there.

“Singlehandedly, you are the personification of what we need: Kate’s trying to raise the temperatures, and you’re coming as a Halloween pumpkin.”


Kate hit back: “We are facing another winter of discontent, which was the winter of ’79, was it? So, I’m trying to bring the early 70s, the free love. The Age of Aquarius.”

“We’re desperately trying to bring joy this morning, even with our wardrobes,” Kate added. “It’s pretty bleak.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the GMB hosts spoke with their guests about the shortage of pumpkins for Halloween.

As Kate pointed out if there are no pumpkins this year then it’s “goodbye to Halloween”.



However, Iain and Jacqui felt the shortage of pumpkins could be a good thing.

Iain said: “I am glad pumpkins are in a short supply. It’s an awful American import.”

“Children enjoy them now though, Iain that is the point,” Ben chipped in as Kate continued: “Candles on the steps as youngsters go around, communities get together, it’s lovely.”

Jacqui added: “Youngsters go around demanding money and sweets with menaces. I am with Iain on this.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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