Katie Price faces four-week wait to find out if she can walk on broken feet after fears she'd ruined chance of recovery

KATIE Price faces a four-week wait to find out if she can walk on her broken feet after fearing she'd ruined her chance of recovery.

The former glamour model, 42, was warned she's ruining her chances of a full recovery by trying to stand on her broken feet six months early.

However, after a visit with the doctors, they have told Katie she is on the way to healing – but still faces 18 months before she gets a full recovery.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the star said: "Considering I should not be able to walk or stand, they said by the end of November I might be able to learn to stand with crutches.

"They said by December, I might be able to start walking in these boots with crutches around the house.

"Then next year start trying to walk. But they reckon 18 months. This is such a massive thing for me. A huge improvement.

"I'm still in a wheelchair… but the fact I'm so strong and determined, I've been listening to the doctors, keeping my feet up. Despite the fact that everyone wants me to work, I still have to rest my feet.

"And if I haven't rested my feet, I certainly wouldn't be doing that. It just goes to show I do heal very well, I do listen when I need to, and I'm just so amazed I can even stand or walk."

The Sun Online revealed the doctors warned her about staying off her feet at her latest appointment earlier this week.

A source exclusively told us: “Katie Price was at hospital yesterday and she was told off by the doctor for trying to put weight on her broken feet.

“She was showing how she can stand on her toes, she’s desperate to get back on her feet.

“But the doctor said if she doesn’t take his advice seriously she could ruin her chances of recovering.

“She’s not allowed to put any weight on them until April and has been warned not to be tempted to put weight on her feet before then.”

There was more bad news during the hospital trip with Katie trapping her foot in a revolving door.

The Sun revealed how the painful incident happened as the 42-year-old star headed into Chelsea and Westminster hospital for the check-up.

An insider has told how Katie's boyfriend Carl Woods was pushing her wheelchair through the front entrance when her badly injured feet caught in the doors.

They explained: "Carl was pushing Katie but she isn't blaming him at all and can see the funny side of what an unfortunate blunder it was!

"Luckily, Kate was wearing her protective air boots when the accident happened, and apart from the pain on contact there hasn't been any permanent damage to her feet."

Katie was previously warned that she won't be able to walk again until April 2021 the earliest due to the extensive damage.

Last month, Katie told us she feared she'd die, lose both her legs, or never walk again after the horror fall in Turkey.

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