‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver, Exhausted Over Recent Police Killings, Talks Missing Giant Bunny And Usher Bucks

Well in its eighth season, it’s rather unsurprising now when Oliver starts his show with a rant detailing his overwhelming frustration at the world. His quick tongue usually summarizes the week’s public grievances in the first three minutes with blinding fashion. Without a moment to reflect, it only seems prudent for the viewer to despair with him about the state of the world.

Predictably, the week’s unfortunate events precipitated another silver-tongued tirade. However, Oliver decided to ditch the diatribe and find some peace and laughter for his embattled viewers.

After a week when bodycam footage was released of two men of color being shot by the police – 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Minneapolis and 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago – Oliver found it difficult to offer any conciliatory messages. The British host said there wasn’t much to say after doing five full episodes on the police, segments in which he dove into the history of policing and the pervasiveness of police brutality on communities of color in America. So in an effort to lighten the mood and not re-traumatize the viewers who have probably already viewed the body cam footage, Oliver decided to offer levity instead of cynicism and covered a series of laughable, light topics such as a lost giant rabbit in Britain, Usher’s use of currency with his face on it in a Las Vegas strip club, Ralph Lauren’s consistent output of awful Olympic uniform design, and an unfortunate full frontal mooning by a Canadian politician.

“We wanted to give you a chance to laugh at the end of a truly demoralizing week,” Oliver said.

These comedic antics seemed to deliver some lightness as Oliver switched right into his usual dose of Fox News bashing. This week’s was in the form of a montage of their channel’s late-night commercials. All the adverts were promoting unnamed products to help libido and testosterone-deprived men, commentary on who Fox New’s viewers might be.

Oliver then segued to his main topic of the night: the world of personal bankruptcy and its endemic problems.

“We badly need to get our broken bankruptcy system working again, for people who desperately need a lifeline. And meanwhile while we wait for Congress, the least we can do is offer an alternate counseling resource that isn’t quite so insulting,” Oliver ends.

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