Lauryn Goodman makes dig at Man City ex Kyle Walker with pic of their son after fiery football boots row

LAURYN Goodman made a dig at her Man City ex Kyle Walker with a picture of their son after the row over his football boots.

The 30-year-old star was left heartbroken last month when the footballer showed off personalised boots that excluded their baby.

Now Lauryn appeared to make a dig at Kyle with the latest picture of their child Kairo.

The picture shows the little one in a Liverpool football kit with his last name, Walker, on the back and the number one.

In the second pic, she's holding Kairo on her hip.

She captioned the photos: "Stand Tall. Stand Proud Son. ✨👑 #kairowalker

"Know that you are unique and magnificent. You do not need the approval of others 🤍✨💙

"Grandad he is finally wearing the @liverpoolfc shirt ❤️ Just for You ❤️🙏🏽"

The footballer sparked backlash when he showed off the shoes on Instagram, emblazoning his other three children's names – Riann, Reign and Roman – and dates of birth on the side.

In response, Lauryn targeted brand Puma in a petition – urging them to stop endorsing Kyle after they provided him with the boots.

The page's description reads: "My son Kairo Walker, a BABY OF 13 MONTHS OLD has been the subject of online bullying from an instagram post made from his 'father' Kyle Walker. Endorsed by the brand Puma (Puma Football.)"

Providing the brand's email address, she called for Puma to remove the photo of the boots from all of their social media pages, and issue a public statement of apology to Kairo, herself, and "anyone affected from this triggering outlandish callous actions endorsed by yourselves".

She added: "For the future, if Kyle wishes to have his sons he either has them ALL or NONE. It is simple."

At the time of writing, 1,784 concerned fans have shown their support for the cause by signing, with Lauryn admitting her fear for Kairo's mental health in the description.

Lauryn continued: "Kairo's father's latest post (@kylewalker2) has not only absolutely shocked me but shocked everyone to the core. Things posted on the internet are there forever and Kairo has been abused by him and his partner for far too long.

"He is 1 years old. He is an INNOCENT baby. No matter anyone's opinion on me, Kairo has done NOTHING & he does not deserve any of this let alone publicly.

"I speak for the many women that are silenced. Believe me when I say there are SO many more women in my situation. More than you could EVER imagine and a lot of people have dm'd me finding comfort in me not being silenced. They praise me for standing my own ground and not hiding Kairo. Why should he be hidden? To give his father an easy life? NEVER.

"There is keeping him private for his own protection (which is needed after the lies and stories his partner sold) and then there is ignoring his existence. Your own flesh and blood, Kyle. The latter will never happen – he is not going anywhere."

Lauryn also accused Puma of "ignoring" all of the complaints about the matter, adding: "I know charities on behalf of bullying children have been in contact with them."

Her sister Chloe previously lashed out at Kyle in a passionate video message, calling his actions "vile" and "disgraceful".

Lauryn gave birth to her and Kyle's son last April, with the pair embroiled in a fling in 2019 while he was briefly separated from partner Annie Kilner.

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