Les Dennis reveals he's landed first movie lead role and is swapping comedy for OPERA this year

LES Dennis is swapping comedy for OPERA after landing his first lead role in a movie.

The Family Fortunes legend will star in HMS Pinafore at the London Coliseum later this year and he'll be seen on screen in the upcoming film Sidekick, opposite Buffy The Vampire Slayer actor Anthony Head.

English National Opera show HMS Pinafore begins its run in October with Les, 67, appearing as social climber Sir Joseph, the First Lord of the Admiralty and "ruler of the Queen's Navy".

Revealing his nerves ahead of performing in front of a live audience again, Amanda Holden's ex said: "I am always nervous. I always have that impostor syndrome."

Les is preparing for his opera debut by having singing lessons, having last shared his vocal talents in 2017's UK tour of The Addams Family alongside Samantha Womack.

Speaking about that role, he told The Guardian: "On the first day of rehearsals I thought: well, everybody is going to have been to drama school, and I’ve come from the working men’s clubs and the cabaret and summer season circuit. Am I going to get found out?

"But I found at the RSC all these trained actors were lovely, and welcomed me. And I am hoping I will find the same in the opera world."

He hopes that playing comic baritone Sir Joseph in October will surprise his fans.

He added: "Yes, it’s good to take people by surprise, and take myself equally by surprise.

"So on that opening night, I will be excited, nervous, and know that people will be going ‘ah, let’s see’."

The TV star's growing repertoire will soon include his first movie lead role in the dark comedy flick Sideshow, in which he plays a washed-up psychic..

But asked what he thinks his biggest achievement is, he says: "I actually say it’s the fact that I am still here.

"If I’d been doing the cabaret circuit or the club circuit or the Saturday night telly that was around in the 80s, I wouldn’t be around any more, because those shows have fallen by the wayside.

"So I have had to keep changing."

Les was recently forced to defend himself after being called "notoriously racist" and a "s*** comedian".

He responded to a woman's tweet and many of his former colleagues backed him.

 Les furiously replied: "I take exception to your suggestion I have made racist remarks. S**** comedian I can live with."

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