Lewis Capaldi nudes leaked on BBC show as he hands phone to Michael McIntyre

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    Someone You Loved singer Lewis Capaldi didn't hold back while appearing on Michael McIntyre's Big show as he showed off more flesh than viewers bargained for.

    The 26 year old appeared on the Saturday night show (February 4) with bags of energy and enthusiasm and willing got stuck into Michael McIntyre's hilarious challenges.

    But when Lewis handed over his phone for Michael and viewers in the studio to see, many were left stunned when pictures of the singer standing with his pants on emerged.

    In addition to this, Lewis had a snap of himself laying down on his bed and appeared to look like he was laying in the nude.

    Questioning the hitmaker about his lack of clothes and why he had the selfies in his phone, Lewis laughed it off and said he was "snuggling quite a few budgies" in his pants.

    Later on, Lewis took part in the game Send To All.

    The hilarious challenge allows host Michael to go through a celebrity's phone and send a message to all their contacts.

    Lewis was game for a laugh and allowed comedian Michael to have his way with his mobile device.

    Seeing the singer be so open and fun, fans watching from couldn't get enough.

    One viewer penned: "Lewis Capaldi’s #sendtoall might actually make my night! Those photos…"

    Another said: "Lewis Capaldi doesn't take himself too seriously. Absolute superstar."

    A third pointed out: Lewis Capaldi's, a good sport, proper down-to-earth fella 'n all! Guy seems a right laugh!."

    Meanwhile a fourth joked: "Need to find Lewis Capaldi on hinge immediately."

    A number of famous faces have been left red-faced on Michael's show, including Rylan Clarke who had his Hinge profile exposed on the show.

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