Line of Duty season 6: Will ‘H’ be revealed in Line of Duty series 6?

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Line of Duty premieres Sunday, March 21 at 9pm on BBC One. One thing fans are hoping will be addressed in the new series if the identity of H. Will H be revealed? Line of Duty creator Jed Mecurio spoke to and other press about the mystery behind H.

Will ‘H’ be revealed in Line of Duty series 6?

The identity of H has been on the minds of viewers and AC-12 since season four of Line of Duty in 2017.

As corrupt officer Matthew ‘Dot’ Cotton lay dying, he tapped his left hand out four times, which in morse code represents the letter H.

For years, AC-12 have suspected H was the letter of a first name or surname, such as Hastings, Huntley or Hilton.

However, John Corbett’s (Stephen Graham) old covert operations manager suggest H may actually be a codename.

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It was not until the end of series five it was uncovered there are, or potentially were, four people working as ‘H’ and so far, only three have been caught – Dot Cottan, Gill Biggeloe, and Derek Hilton

Speaking to and other press, without giving any spoilers about the new series, Jed Mecurio reflected on Dot Cotton’s signal.

He said: “I think what you get from the trailer is that this [H] is still a ghost haunting AC-12 but it haunts the characters in different ways.

“If you’re chasing something that is tormented you there are some people who are going to redouble their efforts and there are some who maybe want to drift away from that particular endeavour. Maybe it’s time to give up.”

Whether H will be revealed this season or will ever be revealed will be up to creator Jed Mecurio.

When asked if he knew already how the H storyline will conclude, Mercurio simply said “Yes.”

Speaking about fan theories online which suggest he is actually H, Mercurio said: “You know what? I think that one of the challenges with the H storyline is to stop it from being anticlimactic.

“And I think if it would be me, that would be the biggest anticlimax of all.”

Many people within the police ranks could be H, with many fans suspecting Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) could be the bent copper everybody is fearing.

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Other suspects include Patrica Carmichael (Anna Maxwell), PCC Rohan Sindwhani (Ace Bhatti) and DCC Andrea Wise (Elizabeth Rider).

On the other hand, the identity of H could well be an outsider.

Fans have been sharing their theories online about who H could really be.

User Rizzokit wrote: “I have went right back to the start of season one for who I think it is and that’s Osbourne.”

A second user, stressdalmostwriter shared: “‘H’ for ‘Headquarters’.”

A third fan added: ” have been looking up alternative H uses. So far, other than those used above:

“H = abbrev for Handicap, used in golf where Dot was approached. We all know a man with a handicap.

“H = Holmes, the criminal database used by Scotland Yard as well as the greatest detective in the world.

“I shall keep searching but the golf abbrev is interesting…”

Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed to see if they will find out the true identity of H in the new series.

Line of Duty premieres Sunday, March 21 on BBC One at 9pm

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