Line of Duty's Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott could finally have 'H' in sight as they aim their guns in finale

ALL bets were off ahead of Sunday’s Line of Duty series finale with fevered speculation around the identity of arch criminal H.

With an expected audience of 15 million viewers, our picture from tonight’s drama shows stars Martin Compston (Steve Arnott) and Vicky McClure (Kate Fleming) pointing their guns towards a target – could it be H?

The cliffhanger is expected to see cops from anti-corruption unit AC-12 pitted against the mysterious antagonist.

Crooked DSI Marcus Thurwell, played by Jimmy Nesbitt, 56, was Ladbrokes favourite to be the villainous front runner to be the fourth man at just 7/4, with viewers sceptical about whether he was really killed off in the last episode.

Meanwhile, Betfair suspect stony-faced DCI Patricia Carmichael as the secret criminal with odds of 2/1.

A You Gov online poll, however, found that 22 per cent of people had grumpy chief constable Philip Osbourne, portrayed by Welsh actor Owen Teale, 59, pinned as the villain.

Although no one could place a bet with bookies because of their risk that some may have found out the identity of H.

It comes as we can reveal that a handful of TV insiders needed several passwords to access the preview episode as the BBC shrouded its hit show in ultra-secrecy.

A telly source said: “Staff were under strict intructions to keep character and plot revelations under strict lock and key.

“Friends and families of the key actors also kept schtum on letting slip on any show details.

The Sun on Sunday understands that early plans ARE in place for a seventh series of the show, created by writer Jed Mercurio, but the BBC insisted: “There is no news yet.”

In a new interview Jed Mercurio hinted that he would like to explore Ted Hastings links to the Freemasons society.

Speaking Obsessed with Line of Duty podcast Jed said: “It has always been there as something I may have wanted to touch on at times but for whatever reason we have decided not to go there.

“That is how Line of Duty works, once you get through as many seasons as we have there could be something from the past that maybe we can delve into.

“Other times we hit a brick wall and we think say ‘Lets leave it for now.’

“There have definitely been drafts of episodes that have delved further into the masonic side of things, but ultimately we have pulled back as it was not the most useful thing to be doing in the episodes at that time.

“So ultimately we decided to park that and maybe return to it at another time.”

In good nick on the sofa

STAY clued up to the end of the Line of Duty finale with our medical guide:

  1. Keep hydrated with a bottle of water by your side as it won’t cause a mess if you spill it with excitement. Or a cheeky gin as it won’t stain.
  2. Empty your bladder before the action starts — there are no ad breaks.
  3. Make sure you are ­sitting comfortably. Avoid aches and pains by putting a cushion in the small of your back for support as your lumbar muscles could get tense.
  4. You’ll generate body heat in the excitement so wear loose-fitting clothes and layers you can shed without missing a second.
  5. If you’re peckish, don’t stuff yourself or you could become sleepy. Try healthy snacks, such as a carrot.


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