Love Island Will Young’s ‘body count’ confirmed but fans think he’s ‘lying’

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    Love Island viewers were rocked tonight after Will Young revealed how many sexual partners he has had.

    During Tuesday’s visit to the ITV villa (February 21), viewers were shocked after Jessie Wynter asked the TikTok sensation how many people he had rocked the bed with before they met in the villa.

    As they cosied up together on the day beds, Jessie revealed that her body count would "probably be around 20 to 25."

    And it’s fair to say even viewers at home were surprised with his answer, after the Australian belle jokingly guessed more than 50 only to find out it was more than double her suggestion.

    The 23-year-old beefcake – who was scrutinised for stealing a kiss from Casa Amor bombshell Layla Al-Momani – confessed that he has slept with more than 100 people before he entered the South African villa.

    Shocked at his response, Jessie went on to brand the loveable farmer a "f**kboy" and called him out for his "f**kboy behaviour" as he attempted to laugh off the awkward moment.

    Now, suspicious viewers have flooded to Twitter to share their doubt over his claim online.

    One user penned: "Will has not slept with 100 girls!!! WHAT A LYING LIAR! #loveisland" as another questioned: "How is Wills BC 100 he’s definitely lying."

    A third chimed in with: "Nah will must be lying 100?! Is he sure that’s his body count lol" as one fan joked: "We know ur lying will. You haven’t slept with 100 people."

    It comes after the blond hunk dropped the L-bombs with his partner Jessie after they made up following his wild Casa Amor antics.

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