Love Island’s Jess Shears hits back after being shamed for using baby to plug products – The Sun

LOVE Island mum Jess Shears has hit back after being shamed online for using her baby to plug a range of pills.

The 26-year-old star, who recently welcomed her first child with husband Dom Lever, came under fire for "selling the baby's soul".

She posted a picture – labelled "ad" to show it was a paid promotion – of her child with its hand on a bottle of Placenta Pills.

Jess shared the shot, showing the tot in a babygro with "You rock Mama" on the front. She added a fulsome endorsement of the product, saying: "I knew I had to give it a go."

However, many fans objected, with one writing: "This and you is what is wrong with modern society…

"Why is the baby holding the bottle your advertising. Jeez."

Another told her: "There is just too much wrong with this picture."

She later confronted the critics, asking: "Why follow me then?"

Jess and Dom haven't revealed the gender or name of their child, who was born last month.

However, plenty of fans leapt to her defence, saying she has every right to use her baby in online promotions if she wishes to.

One insisted: "Everyone is entitled to their own life choices… makes me feel sick you must get something out of trolling celebs when they can OUT you and you can get serious trouble on you."

Jess revealed she had given birth early last month by sharing a snap of one of the tot's tiny feet as they lay on a white sheet, writing: "Baby Lever."

Dom, 28, then posted a photo of himself leaving hospital carrying the baby in a car seat. He wrote: "Baby we did it."

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