Love Island’s Tyla Carr’s son taken to hospital and ‘put to sleep’ for brain scan after going ‘blind’ in one eye

LOVE Island star Tyla Carr revealed her young son needed a brain scan at hospital amid fears he's blind in one eye.

The reality star, 27, called the ordeal the "scariest and most upsetting" thing she's ever experienced as she shared a picture of Archie, one, asleep in his bed.

Praising his resilience, she went on to say: "My poor bubba, today we had to have a brain scan for his poorly eye.

"We think he's practically blind in one eye as its a bit lazy

"He had to be put to sleep to have an MRI so the results should be in soon.

"Scariest and most upsetting thing I've ever witnessed. I feel for any parents with seriously ill children. Absolute saints."

Archie is Tyla's son from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Rossco Edmonds.

The couple split in June last year, seven months after Archie's birth.

The pair found out they were expecting their son after just four months of dating.

Rossco previously spoke of engagement before the couple called it quits.

Announcing their separation on Instagram, Tyla wrote: "I am recently single, I've been super quiet because I'm really not sure what to say, it's an awful situation, but I will explain a few things in good time."

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