Married At First Sight’s David reveals he split with Shareen – but denies she ‘only went through with wedding for fame’

MARRIED At First Sight's David has revealed that he has split with Shareen for good – but denies cruel claims she only went through with the wedding "for fame".

The 47-year-old single mum did not hide her disdain for her groom throughout the Channel 4 series, and was targeted by trolls online who said she was unfairly harsh on the self-proclaimed "prepper".

Needless to say, the couple did not disappear into the sunset to enjoy marital bliss – instead splitting without remaining friends.

Taking to Twitter, one cynic sniped: "Omg! think Shareen is just after her 15 mins of fame! What is she doing there, David deserves so much better."

Another agreed: "Shareen is awful, I feel so sorry for David he seems so lovely and from the get go she seems to do her upmost to make sure it doesn’t work. Never gave the guy a chance."

A third wrote: "Does Shareen actually know what she wants?

"I honestly don’t think she would be happy with anyone and actually not ready to share in a relationship. Poor David, doing whatever to make her happy."

However, David, 56, clearly holds no ill feeling towards his ex-wife, singing her praises in response to one defensive fan.

They'd written: "Shareen is being trolled by cyber bullies far too much for being true to herself, it pains us so much to see it.

"Kindness is for all. Unfortunately they were just not a match, end of. Both are lovely kind people with their own beliefs & mindset."

David asserted: "Totally agree, sad we didn’t better connect but thats life and the risk we accepted coming into this.

"Shareen has many wonderful characteristics & is a kind, positive person, an amazing mother with a good soul. She was simply hoping for a more spiritual not a logic thinker I guess."

The show's matchmakers were originally thoroughly impressed with their choice of husband for the Shareen, with David also a parent and shared her love of camping.

In fact, the Married At First Sight experts thought that David and Shareen were so well-suited they even called David "Shareen with a penis", but Shareen was visibly apprehensive from the moment she saw him at the end of the aisle.

Things only got worse when David showed off his "prepper" kit on their honeymoon, which included massage oil, burning scents and a 30-strong pack of condoms for the trip.

Earlier in the show David admitted he needed to take a cold shower after getting over-excited kissing new wife Shareen, but the passion was clearly not reciprocated by his bride.

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