Massive shock for Charity, Arthur kiss confusion and Kim's fury in Emmerdale

Lives are thrown into turmoil in Emmerdale, with a stressful time for many next week.

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is facing new strain following some shock news via a mysterious call.

As she ends up swiping Caleb’s (Will Ash) car, she takes Cain (Jeff Hordley) along for the ride, and he soon discovers what is at the root of her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke), ends up in a confusing situation, when there is pushback against his LGBTQ+ assembly – and he doesn’t know which side Jai (Chris Bisson) is on.

He is also unsure where he stands with schoolfriend Marshall – especially when the pair almost share a kiss.

Here’s what’s to come next week.

Monday January 30

Will confronts Sam about his missing watch. As things get heated, Caleb warns Will and steps in to separate him from Sam. Sam is awestruck by Caleb coming to his defence.

Later at Home Farm, Will is thrown when Nicky reveals baby Thomas was playing with his watch and Kim is left frustrated knowing that she’s fallen out with Lydia for nothing.

When Marshall stands up for Arthur to a bully in front of Nicola and April there is a moment between the two boys as Arthur realises Marshall really is on his side.

Tuesday January 31

Kim apologises and offers Sam and Lydia their jobs back. Hurt Lydia agrees but wants Kim to understand that she is no longer a friend, just her boss.

Later, Will is shocked to learn Lydia and Sam have been reinstated and feels unsupported by Kim, but she doesn’t have time to dwell on this as Caleb arrives to sign off on the stud farm.

Frustrated Will doesn’t trust Caleb but Kim doesn’t want to hear it. Will is keen to assert his position as Kim’s husband in front of Caleb.

Bob tries desperately to get Nicola to buy his shares in the cafe but she’s having none of it. Later, Bob learns from Eric that they’ve got three days to pay the deposit.

Bernice and Bob are disappointed when their plan to get Jimmy drunk to convince Nicola to buy the shares, fails. When no one’s watching, scheming Nicola pulls out her phone and calls Eric.

Laurel makes a call to the school when Arthur tells her his LGBTQ History assembly has been cancelled. After her call, Laurel discloses that one parent complained.

After an insensitive comment from Jai, bewildered Arthur confronts Jai accusing him of being the one that called to cancel the assembly.

A hurt Arthur feels as though Jai is encouraging him to suppress his sexuality and go back in the closet.

Later, Marshall comes to check on Arthur, who warns him that if he’s not being honest then he needs to leave. Marshall’s bravado is stripped away and they almost share a kiss but Marshall’s dad calls and the moment is broken. Marshall panics and rushes off.

Noah learns his aunt Zoe set up a trust fund for him in his dad’s name.

Wednesday February 1

An upset Laurel has to tell Arthur that he can do his presentation at the assembly but only when some parents have withdrawn their children. Laurel is completely taken aback when Colin explains to Laurel that other parents have the right to their own values as well.

Things get heated between Colin and Laurel when Colin uses religion as a smokescreen. Arthur is frustrated at Laurel’s behaviour and stresses this isn’t about her.

Marshall shows up and is troubled and a bit ashamed as he assures Arthur that he’s not gay.  Marshall’s face sinks at the sight of his dad approaching. Laurel is seething when she realises Colin is Marshall’s father…

Charity is left in total shock when she receives some news via a mysterious phone call. 

Bernice is hurt and angry when she learns Nicola and Jimmy have bought the B&B.

She confronts Nicola and accuses her of being a traitor but Bob and Bernice can barely believe their luck when they convince Pollard to let them beat Nicola’s offer.

But will they be able to raise the funds they need or will Nicola be the proud new owner of the B&B? 

Thursday February 2

Mackenzie fears Charity has discovered his baby secret as Charity struggles with the news she’s been given over the phone, grabs a bottle of vodka and heads out to clear her head.

Caleb is too busy chatting on the phone to notice his car key has fallen on the ground which Charity picks up and invites Cain along for the ride.

Irritated Cain’s forced to follow Charity…

Chas confirms to Paddy her love for Al was stronger than what they had. She is devastated to know her admission means her marriage is completely over.

Friday February 3

Ethan informs Marcus that he’s been called into a meeting about the investigation against Greg. 

Moira isn’t convinced that Cain and Chas will ever go back to playing happy families, despite Caleb’s wistful thinking.

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