Matt Hancock giggles about casual sex ban and ‘what it means for Mrs Hancock’

Matt Hancock could not help but laugh with Sky News presenter Kay Burley as the pair discussed the casual sex ban as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

As well as a sweeping range of new restrictions, rules on the sex ban changed slightly this week allowing for couples in established relationships – but not living in the same household – to get down and dirty.

The Sky News anchor brought up the ban with the health secretary this morning, asking him: "How long is the casual sex ban going to last? Just saying no social distancing needed in an established relationship, what about people who are not in an established relationship?"

Realised she was whispering on camera, she laughs and adds: "Why am I whispering? I don't know."

Mr Hancock then defends and says that people from two households should not mix and that they have to define a boundary on the relationship.

Kay quickly jumps in and adds: "That's the issue. What's an established relationship? Does it mean I have to say 'I love you'? People say that but they don't mean that. Are you in an established relationship then? I don't know."

"I think we should stick to the latter of it, which is it's okay, and then an established relationship," the Health Secretary says.

He then explains the term means that people "have to be careful, sensible".

Kay then responds: "And what does that mean to you? I mean I know what it means for you and Mrs Hancock."

Laughing awkwardly, Mr Hancock says: “That was exactly how I was going to answer – I know I’m in an established relationship."

The interview has gone viral on Twitter after it was aired, with some jokingly calling it "flirtatious".

One wrote: "Kay Burley & Matt Hancock giggling away like teenagers talking about the casual sex ban. Very flirtatious viewing."

But another said: "What unprofessional interviewing, more like a speed date than a serious interview on a major network at prime news time."

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