Max George reveals he almost lost The Wanted gig because of his bad dancing and had to get a body double for Glee

MAX George has revealed he almost didn't make it into boyband The Wanted because of his bad dancing.

Max, 32, will compete in this year's Strictly Come Dancing but he's not so confident of his moves on the floor.

The singer's former bandmate Jay McGuiness won the BBC show back on 2015, but Max wasn't surprised about his victory.

Asked if he was feeling the pressure to be as good as Jay, Max replied: "No not really, Jay was always a top dancer even when we started the band.

"I remember in the audition I nearly didn’t get in because of dancing so that’s been a problem for me for over a decade.

"In terms of that I wouldn’t say it’s pressure, I always look up to Jay in that. If he could give me any tips that would be great," he added.

Commenting on how his time in the group could help him with Strictly, he continued: "The advantage of doing videos is that you have several takes from different angles.

"It’s exciting the thought of learning something that’s a new skill. I did do a bit on Glee but I had a body double for certain things that was out of my range and you have 30 or 40 takes.

"I remember there was a lift I couldn’t get and one of the dancers I was working with, I nearly dropped her!"

Max will be dancing against the likes of Nicola Adams, Caroline Quentin and Jamie Laing when Strictly starts this month.

Revealing who he thinks will be his biggest competition on the show, Max said: "Probably all 11, I’m buzzing Caroline is here. Me and my brother used to have a big crush on her when we watched Men Behaving Badly, she is so cool.

"Unfortunately we’ve not been able to spend any proper time with each other, I’m sure everyone is amazing. Caroline is just class, I already feel less nervous because she’s here."

And when asked which professional he wants to be paired with, Max replied: "I want someone to tell me when I’m doing it wrong and someone who is full of energy because I’m quite hyper myself and nice to have someone who I don’t do their heads in.

"I hope I don’t frustrate anyone because I have the tendency to waffle off," he added.

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