Maya destroyed, Lisa wedding drama and 8 more Emmerdale spoilers

There’s high drama down Emmerdale way as several characters are facing different kinds of endings. Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) is looking at the end of the road as the game is finally up when the police close in while Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) prepares to marry Zak (Steve Halliwell) before her own tragic end – but disaster strikes in true Dingle style.

Meanwhile, as the consequences of Megan Macey’s (Gaynor Faye) actions hit home, Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) takes drastic action while Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) is concerned by a discovery.

10 Emmerdale spoilers

  • The Dingles rally behind Zak and Lisa’s wedding.
  • David persuades Ryan to install soy software on Jacob’s computer.
  • Megan decides to give the police a full statement about what she has done.
  • Lisa is a state after chasing pigs in her wedding dress.
  • David confronts Maya and the police soon follow to arrest her.
  • Nate tries to get Moira to open up about her relationship with Cain.
  • Jai tells a horrified Megan that he is keeping Eliza as she faces prison.
  • Lisa asks Cain to take over as Kyle’s guardian.
  • Aaron is concerned when he finds out about Liv’s blackmail.
  • Dawn attempts to make things up with Ryan.

Monday 20th May

David convinces Ryan to put spy software on Jacob’s laptop so he can monitor if he tries to contact Maya.

Jacob finds Maya’s passport and lets her know – will David realise?

Megan is horrified to learn of Jai’s plans to keep Eliza after he finds out she was behind the car crash.

Tuesday 21st May Part One

Maya is stunned to come face to face with David instead of Jacob and the two come to verbal blows. But as she goes to leave, she discovers he’s called the police.

Cain is shocked when Lisa asks him to be a guardian to Kyle.

Harriet leaves the Dingles delighted when she agrees to marry Lisa and Zak in just two days time.

Tuesday 21st May Part Two

Jacob is left reeling as Maya is bundled into the back of a police car. David begins to question whether he’s made the right decision.

Aaron is taken aback to learn from David that Liv has been blackmailing Maya.

Dawn tries to get back into Ryan’s good books by apologising, but is he ready to listen?

Wednesday 22nd May


Nate tries to get Moira to open up about her relationship with Cain.

The fallout continues over David’s decision to get Maya arrested – has he lost his son for good?

Thursday 23rd May Part One

It’s the day of the big Dingle wedding and Lisa stuns her family when she comes down stairs in her beautiful wedding dress.

But things quickly become a disaster when they discover the pigs have escaped and despite all best efforts, no one can catch them.

Thursday 23rd May Part Two

Lisa resorts to having to catch the pigs herself, getting her gorgeous frock all covered in mud and barely making it to the church in time.

The family celebrate the big day with a huge reception at the Wooolpack.

Friday 24th May

Diane is heartbroken over Victoria and blames herself.

Aaron shows her a photo album she put together for Robert, determined to show her that she has been an amazing mum to Victoria.

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