Military Wives hits familiar beats but still manages to strike a chord – The Sun

SHARON HORGAN and Kristin Scott Thomas lead the charge in this Brit drama loosely based on the real story of a group of military wives coming together to support each other and find a fresh identity.

In the real world it was choirmaster Gareth Malone who helped propel the group to fame.

But here it is the ladies themselves that form the choir that takes them from the barracks all the way to the Royal Albert Hall.

Directed by Peter Cattaneo, who also gifted us The Full Monty, viewers have some degree of comfort that this is in good hands.

It hits all the right beats and takes us through the same course of emotional peaks and troughs that we’re used to – which is both its saving grace and Achilles’ heel.

We’re so familiar with what is required of us, we know within a few minutes what we’re going to get.

And given the characters’ situation, it isn’t always going to be happy. But the cast are ideally suited to guiding us through the story.

Sharon Horgan is perfectly pithy and Kristin Scott Thomas is, well, a posh woman with a stiff upper lip – but when has she ever been anything else?

Despite the film’s familiar heartbeat – and perhaps because I live deep in Surrey Army territory and see first-hand how hard it is for the families of soldiers – this film really struck a chord with me.

A D minor (the saddest of all chords) obviously.

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