NCIS’ Jimmy Palmer star issues social media warning

NCIS: Teaser trailer for ‘Unearth’

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The 20th season of NCIS is underway, with next week’s episode promising another high-stakes case for Dr Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) and the agents. Unfortunately, the long-running star of the hit CBS drama has had to release a stern statement to his Twitter followers.

Brian has warned his fans not to engage with an imposter account which has recently been making the rounds on social media.

The Dr Palmer star shared a screenshot of the page, which is using his current profile picture and is following 281 accounts.

He wrote: “If you get a request or message from this imposter, please don’t respond.

“It ain’t me. Always check user account names!”

The imposter uses the username @brlandletzenn, while the real Brian goes by @BrianDietzen on Twitter.

The actor’s message was followed up with comments from several fans who have taken care to heed his warning.

Charlie Duffield replied: “If I got a message that said it was from you I definitely would not answer it, I would be too busy being passed out from shock.”

To which Brian urged: “Please don’t pass out!”

Twitter user @aswaintyler suggested: “Change your password.”

And Brian clarified: “They don’t have access to my account. They just made up one pretending to be me.”

Other NCIS fans have confirmed they blocked and reported the page after seeing Brian’s statement.

Tikya Aguirre was sadly tricked by the imposter, as she replied: “And I was so happy you ‘followed me’. Wrong account.”

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And Serena Nelson recalled: “I had one pretending to be [Tim McGee star] Sean Murray.

“There is only, and one and only @BrianDietzen that I follow and gives me good stuff to keep going!”

NCIS has remained one of the USA’s most popular primetime dramas, so it, unfortunately, comes as no surprise scam accounts have been trying to impersonate the main cast.

After Brian’s message, it appears the imposter is no longer active on Twitter, so fans won’t need to worry about fooling from scams from this particular account.

In the meantime, the NCIS fanbase can look forward to another mission about to hit screens next Monday.

For episode three, entitled Unearthed, Brian and the team are shocked to discover a dead body filled with priceless stolen artefacts.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Torres’ (Wilmer Valderrama) therapy session goes awry as Dr Grace Confalone (Laura San Giacomo) could be connected to the case in some way.

Plus, there are more episodes of CBS’s hit new spin-off NCIS: Hawaii on the same night, as well as the return of NCIS: Los Angeles in just over a week’s time.

NCIS season 20 continues Mondays on CBS in the US. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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