Our Girl bombshell: Brutal reason Michelle Keegan doubted BBC hit amid show cancellation

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‘Our Girl’ creator Tony Grounds revealed that the BBC show would be laid to rest after he felt the popular drama came to a natural end. The news will disappoint fans of the TV programme, which had 6.31 million viewers at its peak. Despite Mr Grounds’ comments, insiders told The Sun that the decision was influenced by being unable to sign-up Jacquelina Josa. The 27-year-old, who starred in ‘EastEnders’, was tipped to replace former ‘Coronation Street’ actress Michelle Keegan. The soap rival, 33, who married ‘TOWIE’ star Mark Wright five years ago, stepped down in March to pursue other opportunities after four years. Unearthed accounts from the show’s former-star reveal her concerns about the role extended way further than the recent departure announcement.

Keegan was widely praised for her portrayal of military medic Georgie Lane, which earned her the Best Actress accolade at the TV Choice Awards two years ago. 

At the same time, social media trolls critiqued her “plastic look” and considered her choice to wear “make-up” as unrealistic – which she fiercely fought back against online. 

Prior to that, the TV star had been named FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World in 2015 and starred as Tina McIntyre in ‘Corrie’ for six years.

Before she landed the role on ‘Our Girl’ she admitted the pressure she felt replacing Lacey Turner, who played Molly Dawes for the first series and pilot.

Keegan told the Daily Star in 2016: “I was a massive fan of the show and I thought she was amazing. I will do my best.

“My character is going to be so different from hers so hopefully people won’t compare us too much.”

She also confessed it would be a “huge challenge” compared to previous acting parts in a 2015 Mirror article. 

Keegan said: “The role is different to anything I’ve done before, so it’s out of my comfort zone. 

“People probably look at me and think ‘She couldn’t be in the Army.’ It will be mentally and physically challenging.”

Later, she revealed filming “wasn’t as bad” as she initially feared and she soon trained to be able to do “proper push-ups” rather than “girlie ones on my knees”.

She told What’s On TV three years ago that she did “a few” of her own stunts, which saw her go “up in a helicopter… [and] flung into cars” but felt it was “very physical”.

Keegan added: “I bruise like a peach anyway, but I was literally bruised everywhere, it was ridiculous.”

She also admitted to little previous experiences with weapons: “I’d never seen a real gun in my life before doing ‘Our Girl’ – it was intimidating.

“They’re so heavy! I didn’t even know how to hold a gun when I started. We went to a shooting range in South Africa and I had an AK-47! 

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“It’s so powerful, it nearly knocked my shoulder out of joint!”

After the announcement this week, Mr Grounds revealed he might bring back the show if Keegan was to return – after reports that he tried to poach Jacqueline Jossa. 

The insider told The Sun: “It would have been tough for her to commit to being away for so long.

“Jacqueline knew it was a massive role for her but after the initial call it all went quiet and nothing more was said.

“With the pandemic and restrictions on filming, they felt it was best to just pull the plug for the moment.

“It’s a shame because everyone thought Jacqueline could have had huge success in the role but the chance never really came off.”

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