Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen reveals emotional hidden meaning behind 'manky' trademark bangles

OUR Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen opened up about the beautiful story behind her trademark 'manky' bangles.

Amanda, 47, is well known for her style as much as she is known for being a shepherdess on her family's remote farm in Ravenseat, Yorkshire.

One of her fashion staples is a series of bangles she wears on her right arm.

She revealed that before she moved to working on a farm, she had not only worked as a model but also in a Bangladeshi takeaway.

It was at the takeaway where she struck up a friendship with a girl and helped her learn English.

In return, the girl gave Amanda the bangles as a thanks for helping her with her studies.

While they might not seem suited to heavy farm work, Amanda explained why she kept the bangles on while out in the paddock.

 "It's a link to my femininity whilst working on the farm," she told Simon Armitage on his podcast, Poet Laureate Has Gone To His Shed.

"They do break, they're only wire and yes, they're bent and manky and my arm is all discoloured underneath but they're sentimental to me."

Amanda dismissed fan concerns her trademark jewellery could get caught in the farm's machinery saying, "If they were going to, they would have done by now!"

Simon joking added: "Unless you began with three arms!"

The mum-of-nine also revealed her kids know when she's coming because they can hear them jangle and know to stop any mischief they might be up to.

"They hear me coming and rush to put away or clean or throw out the window whatever they were doing," she said.

Amanda's revelation about her famous bangles comes after she updated fans on the fate of Our Yorkshire Farm.

She revealed the Channel 5 show which follows her family's life on their farm will be back on air "in the autumn".

The shepherdess lives on the farm with her husband Clive, 67, and their nine children, who all feature on the popular series.

But it was dramatically pulled off air earlier this year by Channel 5, who put the Anne Boleyn drama series in its place instead of the show's finale.

Amanda has now allayed fans' fears, confirming the show will be back soon.

"There is a new series coming. It will be in the autumn. I don't know exactly when as I am the last person to know," she told Yorkshire Live.

"I do know that those episodes are done and there is more filming going on at Ravenseat."

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