Outlander season 5: Fergus storyline leaves fans furious ‘Always just playing fetch’

In the latest episode of the time travelling Starz series, Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and his militia learn Governor Tryon (Tim Downie) has attempted to trick the Regulators. Unfortunately, the slow build of the first half of Outlander’s fifth season has failed to impress some viewers.

During the new episode, Perpetual Adoration, Jamie and his men from Brownsville meet up with Lt. Knox (Michael Xavier) to learn Tryon has pardoned all the renegade Regulators.

All of them, that is, except for their leader, Jamie’s godfather Murtaugh (Duncan LaCroix), who remains a wanted man.

Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s original series of books, and devoted fans who have been keeping up with the current season’s promos on social media, were thrilled when Adso the cat was introduced in the latest episode.

Jamie comes across the grey kitten in an alleyway when he flees with his adoptive son Fergus (César Domboy).


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Fergus was introduced in the second season as a French emigrant to the American colonies, eventually revealed to have experienced a traumatic past.

He later fell in love and married Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) medical assistant Marsali (Lauren Lyle).

Despite his initially intriguing character, a lot of viewers have been let down by Fergus’ lack of development throughout the subsequent seasons. 

One fan took to Reddit to lament the character’s shafting in recent episodes, in the hope series executives could be taking notes for the next season.

Reddit user madear1979 said: “Why does Fergus never have anything to do except play gopher for Jamie?

“Marsali (well deserved), Breanna, and Roger all gets real lines and character development yet Fergus is always just playing fetch.”

The current season has been praised for developing Claire’s relationship with her protégé Marsali as her makeshift doctor’s practice in Fraser’s Ridge takes on challenging new patients.

Additionally, Jamie and Claire’s flesh and blood, Breanna (Sophie Skelton), and her husband Roger (Richard Rankin) have been gripping fans with their new baby, Jemmy, as they hope he inherits the family’s ability to time travel.

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Sadly, Fergus has been somewhat sidelined in recent episodes, despite the close, manly bond he had previously developed with his resourceful father.

Near the beginning of season two, Fergus loses a hand after an unfortunate altercation with a group of bloodthirsty redcoats.

Thanks to his injury, it makes sense to leave him out of most action scenes, as a missing extremity definitely puts him at a disadvantage.

Despite this, the series hasn’t gone to great lengths to develop his character much further beyond his obligations to help his father.


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The fan added: “Heck, they haven’t even shared with Fergus that Claire is from the future after all of these years and all they have been through. He is just the servant and now husband of Marsali.”

Although, one fan did point out the series isn’t entirely faithful to Diana’s original books, and Fergus, if anything, is given much more of a look in for the Starz adaptation.

Hopefully the series writers will pick up on César’s potential as an actor and include some well-earned side stories for Fergus in the coming seasons.

Outlander season 5 airs on Amazon Prime on Mondays and Starz on Sundays.

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